Kedai Kopi Seng Thor, Penang.

it was the oh chien (oyster omelette) fame that lured us here. but we were a bit early as it’s only available after lunch. but there were other much-talked-about items available here such as the loh mee (滷麵) and lorbak.


the loh mee doesn’t look very inviting as the thick, sticky gravy totally covers the egg noodles & beehoon (rice vermicelli) under it. it is topped with pork slices, hard boiled egg and some fried shallots. A spoonful of chili sauce is provided to toss the noodles with. the gravy, which is thickened with corn starch and egg, is flavoured with chinese five-spice powder and the star anise tastes a little bland to me, so the chili sauce provided helps.

i can see that this a true favourite of the patrons of Seng Thor but I can’t really get used to it as I am more used to the KL version, lightly soured by vinegar, and served with exquisite, fiery sambal. still, it was quite an experience tasting this.


the highlight of our meal was definitely the lor bak. Lor Bak is the term for lean pork seasoned with five-spice powder, onion/garlic, wrapped in a thin sheet of beancurd skin and deep-fried to a browned crisp before being served with the lor sauce (dark gravy thickened with cornstarch and beaten egg swirls).

however in penang, one eats lor bak with other deep-fried goodies such as beancurd, prawn fritters, sausages, fish cakes etc, and even century egg slices. the uncle manning the pushcart, Mr. Bor Choo Kooi has been selling his lor bak since 1955! and he’s there everyday without fail, with the exception of chinese festivals. had a chat with him as I selected some items and he was very friendly and spoke fluent cantonese. at least i didn’t have to use my half-past-six hokkien. Lol.

the must-eat of his porky goodness is definitely the sausage that resembles taiwanese sausages, which was aromatic and so tasty! even the lor bak was appetite whetting with the well-flavoured pork and the crisp bean curd skin. some of the fried stuff may seem a bit greasy but dip it well into the sauces and you won’t taste a trace of oil.

enjoyed our combo platter so much that we bought some for our other colleagues still stuck at the work site. Mr. Bor packs the fried goodies together with a banana leaf as he claims that the aroma is improved with the help of the leaf.

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor
160, Lebuh Carnarvon,


  1. Julian Si said

    Nicely written! I stumbled onto Seng Thor at breakfast yesterday 🙂

    See ya!

    epicuriousgirl says: hey, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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