Seng Thor Oyster Omelette & Guangzhou Bakery, Penang

I talked about visiting Seng Thor in such of its famed Oyster Omelette or “Or Chien” last year. Instead I found wonderful lor bak.

But this time I made sure to make my way there in the afternoon when the or chien stall and another wonton noodle stall is sure to operate. And true enough, Mr.Lim himself was handling the griddle, frying omelette after omelette frantically to cope with the many orders. We were seated quite near the stall so we could watch his every cooking step while waiting and as he continued ladling in more and more cooking oil, our alarm grew.

The oysters here are actually quite scrumptious if you can overlook the oily factor. But because it was really dripping in oil, I couldn’t bring myself to finish this plate of juicy oysters in the slightly starchy yet crunchy omelette. Pity.

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor
160, Lebuh Carnarvon,

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Yellow Heaven

After our oyster omelette snack, we went next door to this old school bakery which remains vividly in my mind due to the above shot taken last year. I can’t get past the temptation those rows and rows of wobbly egg custard out of my head!

Finally an egg tart in my hands!! Hehe. They actually sell out very quickly and one could try booking them by calling in. Well, my verdict is that it’s indeed old-school tasting (古早味). Instead of the usual flaky pastry we’re now used to due to influences from HK egg tarts, this crust is the shortcrust type, and can be a tad dry. I also felt that it was slightly too thick and would have preferred more of the richness that the egg custard gives.

But we stumbled upon a gem while buying the egg tarts, which are these pineapple tarts! Small but fragrant, these are truly delightful.

The bakery also has a lot of other old-school stuff such as pandan flavoured Ma Lai Kou (马来糕), char siew buns (餐包), various tarts and the like. And the elderly uncle is quite patient with explanations too!

Guangzhou Bakery (广洲饼家)
158, Lebuh Carnarvon,
10100 Penang.
Tel: 016 470 3392

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  1. gina said

    Maybe you should just close your eyes and eat the ocien… LOL! Yeah.. the pineapple tarts are good… a bit sweet though.

  2. J2Kfm said

    Seng Thor’s or chien over-rated, i felt.
    too oily like you said, and the oysters too raw!!!
    probably wont return for it again. now i wonder where to get real good, crispy or chien, with plump and sweet oysters.

  3. by golly, how sinful!

  4. Ooo… too oily ones also i dont like!!
    But the Guangzhoiu bakery is new to me even as a Pg-nite! Loh Mai kai?? Yums!!

  5. oohh sorry Mah lai kou! hehehe

  6. rokh said

    the egg tarts look so good…golden puffy egg custard! ….too bad the crust is a tad dry though…..

  7. thamchiak said

    hi, I have migrate my blog to, TQ

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