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Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar 2011

Going to the Kelana Jaya ramadhan bazaar this year was a bit of an adventure thanks to the grey skies and torrential rain. We were rather early heading to the bazaar, hoping to miss the rain but halfway through, it started to pour. Took refuge under one of the stall’s giant umbrella and had a bit of a laugh whilst waiting for the rain to stop…

Still dry when we got there…

Remember seeing this kek batik stall last year here too. It’s actually quite easy to make, with marie biscuits, milo and evaporated milk as it’s main ingredients.

Deep fried mushrooms, also a return stall.

This honey,sea coconut drink stall is new though.

Nasi Briyani stall from a mamak if I am not mistaken.

This stall has nasi lemak kukus with deep fried burung puyuh (quail)!

I think this stall is something new this year, selling ayam tempayan kelana, whole chicken cooked in big earthenware jars. At RM16 each, we decided to try half of it. It was actually quite yummy, and tender.

Beautifully marinated chicken wings over the pit.

The ayam golek, rotisserie roasted chicken also called out to us. We spotted 2 stalls and decided to try this one. I personally felt that it was a bit dry so I did prefer the ayam tempayan afterall.

Hehe, lechekang!! Felt the need to snap this simply because of the many spelling variations on leng chee kang at ramadhan bazaars that tickles us.

I remember this bubur desserts stall too but prices have gone up since last year. 😦

And just as we were making our way back the way we came it started to rain! So we “rested” next to Awie’s satar stall for some time until the rain started to subside. I remember the guy manning the stall fondly coz he’s a friendly soul indeed, and always ready with a smile. He also sells roasted corn on the cob.

RM 3 for 4 pieces of satar which is one of the better ones I have tried in Ramadhan bazaars so far. And the sizes are also more a bit substantial.

The Kanji Tok stall opposite us.

When the rain finally stopped, we decided to pick up some pecal, which is like gado-gado. Blanched greens (pucuk ubi, kangkung, long beans etc) with peanut sauce. at RM2 per pack. They also sold deep fried cempedak and it smells really good! Love it when cempedak is in season. Hehe.

This nasi ambeng stall was also spotted last year and the food still looks so tempting!

Chicken & beef samosas.

The guys behind the roasted lamb stall only started to heat the griddle after the rain stopped. But look at the lamb roasting slowly over the pit!

Another kuih stall that also sells apam balik

Popiah basah in the making.

We also tried Farni’s nasi kukus and the ayam goreng berempah was fantastic! Flavourful and juicy, really enjoyed tucking into it.

Kelana Jaya’s bazaar remains one to visit if you have time as there’s many interesting offerings there. And I spot quite a few regulars from last year, which is always comforting.

Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan SS6/1
Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.

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TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar 2011

Ramadhan is nearing its end and I haven’t been inspired to visit any bazaars until last weekend. Roped in a friend and headed for one of the nearest ones to her, at TTDI. We were quite lucky to get parking as soon as we arrived.

I feel the market is smaller this round, maybe because it’s been shifted to span across one street instead of last year’s L shape stretch. Still, the crowd was impressive.

Colourful drinks calling out to passerbys.

Sup Gearbox stall.

Various lauk and kuih.

Nasi with ayam goreng berempah and Nasi Ambeng stall. The fried chicken looks really tasty and juicy…

My usual choice at the bazaar is Nasi Kerabu, and this time I had it with salted egg and bergedil. The rice is a bit clumpy but otherwise not too bad.

Pandan flavoured Putu Bambu. This stall has them in a green shade, which I hope is due to the pandanus leave, or probably colouring. Haha. This stall seems to do well and even has pre-packed ones so waiting time is cut down.

Satar, my favourite cone-shaped Terengganu snack is also available here. The guys manning the stall said they’re from Selayang, hence the name. We did buy some to try and tastewise, it was not too bad, thought a bit on the sweet side. 3 pieces for RM2.

This popiah basah stall was one of them doing brisk business so I expect it’s quite popular with those thronging this bazaar.

King of murtabaks. Haha.

Putu piring stall next to the grilled lamb stall. The putu piring stall is a regular I think, coz they were here last year too. I watched the boy behind the stall make the putu piring and was rather impressed with his deft fingers going at it. There’s also another grilled lamb stall in the bazaar but I think this was the original one from last year, selling the roti arab.

Various laksas and noodles.

Chicken kebab meat roasting. Looks promising, eh?

Ikan Bakar station.

Ayam Bakar.

Yummy cucur udang (prawn fritters) at RM2 for 3 pieces.

ABC Power!

A bread & butter pudding stall. They have come up with many creative flavours at RM 1.80 per slice. I went for the original and almond with peanut butter. I thought it was too milky and even the custard sauce didn’t really help. But still, the creativity in flavours was a plus.

I didn’t really buy too much stuff to try in comparison to previous years so this post is mostly pictures only. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Lol.

TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

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hello 2011!

wishing you all out there a fruitful and eventful year to come, with many new food adventures and opportunities!

ps: hope to be back on the blogging scene soon after a 2 month long hiatus due to much happening on the home front. till then, you guys take care!

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USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar

This year’s Subang SS18 bazaar seemed a little lacklustre to me, so I decided to visit the USJ 4 one instead. Getting there after work was easier and quicker than I expected. I saw some returning stalls from my last visit which looks rather promising.

Fried lekor (RM1 for 5 pcs) and deep fried cempedak fritters (RM2 for 5 pcs). I love the latter, esp. if the fruit is very ripe as it will mean a rich tasting, sweet fritter. Some of the ones I bought here were not ripe enough though but the lekor was lovely.

Johor noodles stall. A friend mentioned having mee bandung earlier in the day and I have been thinking of it. The peanut based gravy had a strong prawn stock flavour, and was quite thick. Somehow, the taste reminded me of eating prawn noodles.

The returning stall of Lazat Food Services’ roti bom and murtabak were back, and judging from the queue in front of the stall, their food is still as good as before. The roti bom were yummy, crisp on the outside and wonderfully buttery on the inside. At RM1 each, it’s a steal.

Mak Wan’s kelantanese stall is also back and this time, we tried the nasi dagang. At RM5 a pack with the chicken drumstick, the side pickles were appetite whetting!

This stall was selling chinese muslim food and featured noodles, singaporean style vermicelli and some pasta.

Even ramadhan bazaars have not escaped the influence of Taiwanese deep fried chicken fillets! This stall also offered the spring potato chips and deep fried hot dog rolls.

Roasted lambs are all the rage at ramadhan bazaars these days, huh? This stall was solely selling that, and calling it “Kambing Golek”. By the time I passed by, only this remaining bit was over the roast pit so I reckon they did good for the day.

This murtabak stall was also popular. As the queue formed, they had two separate cooking stations and still, orders could not be filled fast enough. I noticed that instead of pouring the filling into the dough and cooking it over the heat, they cooked the eggy filling first! Then, the pre-cooked filling is wrapped up and pan-fried till the skin is lightly brown and crisp. RM2.50 each.

Corn stall – steamed or grilled first, then buttered. RM1.50 each.

There were a lot of rice stalls. Nasi Briyani, Nasi Campur, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Kukus etc…

And yes, kuih stalls. Somehow I forgot about the allure of popiah, both basah and deep fried until I spotted this stall in USJ4’s Ramadhan bazaar. They also had tepung pelita and karipap.

For sweets, Putu Piring Warisan is also back. So expect fluffy rice cakes with the smokey, sweet palm sugar. I also spotted a stall selling my favourite kek batik but it was way too sweet to be enjoyable. So I guess my quest to find the perfect kek batik continues… hehe.

USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar
Along USJ 4/5
47600 Subang Jaya

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TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar

it’s always lovely to have a long weekend, ya? however this weekend i decided to take a short break down south, so it meant less exploring of the bazaars about town. but i managed to squeeze in TTDI’s prior to leaving town. Parking remains an issue here, but I got quite lucky in after a few turns.

Ingredients pre-packed in tubs, waiting for orders.

This nasi briyani stall had a looooonng queue but I didn’t join in. And as I was leaving the bazaar, they had already sold out for the day!

Another nasi briyani stall that was doing brisk business. I was keen to try the mutton version but by the time I ordered, they were scooping up the last remaining pieces and I had to settle for the beef version (RM9). Rather aromatic and quite tasty.

One of the most notable additions to this bazaar this year is this roti arab kambing stall. Using the roasted lambs as a “beacon” of sorts, attracting people’s attention before their vision is directed to the stall situated on the inner pavements. This stall also garners a queue but it does move along fairly quickly.

The roti arab is pre-grilled, and according to masak-masak, under the lamb too! so, the drippings adds to the flavour of the bread. Lettuce and cabbage is piled atop the bread, with a generous squeeze of mayo. Then, the chef dices up the meat he sliced from the still roasting lamb. After the diced lamb is placed, it’s then drizzled with their own pepper sauce. At RM10 per sandwich, it’s quite worth getting as they don’t stinge on ingredients. But i did feel that flavour wise, it was lacking somewhat. They were out of mint sauce by the time it was my turn, so maybe that was what could have made the meal.

This putu piring stall was one of the most busy stalls in the bazaar, with the queue stretching quite long. I didn’t have more time to spare so I made a move on. But my curiosity remains piqued…. anyone has tried it?

This stall was selling western food such as this “Daging Shepherd’s Pie” (RM5 each) and spaghetti bolognese. I tried the pie, and I felt it could do with a bit more of the minced meat as there was a lot of mash in there. But tastewise, it was pretty alright.

The cendol vendor was there too. Definitely prefer to buy the freshly made cendol drinks from him then those pre-made ones in with the other colourful drinks. RM2 per pack.

A mixed rice stall also selling grilled fish.

Chicken chop, burgers and fries! Hehe, maybe can give the fast food chains some competition?

Mak Nah’s kuih, which comprises mostly of Kelantanese kuih, including beko and akok.

I found the name of this rice stall rather interesting. Hehe. Wonder what the story behind the name is??

Murtabak stall here also selling roti arab with beef.

This stall fries Char Kway Teow fresh upon order.

TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 and 4
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

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Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar

even though the fasting month has commenced well into its 3rd week now, i haven’t had the chance to visit any ramadhan bazaar until last weekend, thanks to a bout of sickness, and then some grey and wet skies. anyhow i have been wanting to visit the Kelana Jaya ramadhan bazaar for years now and have finally made my way there. and boy, how I wished I visited earlier once I saw what it had to offer!

Deft hands making putu bambu with the sticky, sweet gula melaka (palm sugar) filling.

Various types of drinks from teh bunga, barley, soya bean, orange juice to the colourful cordial ones.

Nasi Ambang from Mr. Nasi Ambang at RM4.50 per pack. More commonly found in the state of Johor with its Javanese origins, it’s starting to gain popularity here too. With a piece of ayam masak merah, deep fried salted fish, coconut serunding, vermicelli fried with potatoes and tofu, it was really the complete meal. But as this was pre-packed, the food was a tad cold.

As we walked down the lane, we saw another stall selling Nasi Ambang/Ambeng. They pack it upon ordering, so everything was still warm when we got back and unpacked the lot. At RM7, it’s pricier than the other stall, but still worthwhile considering that a whole deep fried chicken thigh is part of the pack. Along with it, half an egg, some blanced greens, grated coconut, tempe and the like.

This stall from Restoran D’Hati was selling all types of nasi with various dishes. Decided to try the nasi kerabu which was not bad, though the fish crackers were too soft by the time I put them in my mouth.

Was so happy to see satar! The cone shaped fish cake like snacks were selling at RM3 for 4, or RM5 for 8 pieces here. The man manning the stall was friendly and always smiling which is so welcoming.

Pak Tua’s roti bom were the mini type, and selling at RM0.50 each. Accompanied with the very thin curry, this was not as memorable as I hoped it would be.

This reminded me of Spanish paella being cooked. Only this was M’sian noodles being fried.

Loads of grilled fish, and there’s a stall selling cencaru sambal too.

Roasted ducks, chicken wings.

Curly, spring shaped potato chips, with different flavours from cheese to tom yam! And of course, various soup noodles and laksa are pre-packed and waiting to be sold.

To end the meal on a sweet note, jellies of different colours, i.e. different flavours are selling quick. There’s also stalls selling different types of bubur , and even taiwanese bubble tea!

Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan SS6/1
Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.

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Miri Ramadhan Bazaar 2

Another Ramadhan Bazaar that caught my attention while driving around in Miri was the one next to the Indoor Stadium, opposite the Public Swimming Pool.

Thirsty? Freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and other colourful iced drinks are easily found here.

Ikan bakar is everywhere. They use more whole fresh saltwater fish here and less ikan pari (stingray).

Nasi Lemak. Truly the national dish of Malaysia.

Kuih. The rolled up ones at the top most right corner is Kuih Celorot, traditional to the state of Sarawak. The sweet kuih is wrapped in leaves in a way that you can press the base and the filling pops up from the top.

Kolok noodles, another item that can’t be missed in Sarawak. The chinese version uses minced pork, so I would assume that the minced meat here would be minced beef, which should be equally tasty.

We stumbled upon a yummy treat here amongst some of the local Malay dishes. The purplish rice (usual of certain rice species in Bario/Kelabit Highlands) called to us and we were told that it’s fried rice with dabai fruit ( a local equivalent of olives), anchovies and chilli. It was truly yummy and unforgettable. I am already thinking of where to get dabai to make my own!!

Some local Malay dishes – curries, daging, keladi etc.

More dishes. Umai at the bottom left corner.

There were even crabs at RM4 each.

Freshly fried noodles. So tempting.

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