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Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar 2011

Going to the Kelana Jaya ramadhan bazaar this year was a bit of an adventure thanks to the grey skies and torrential rain. We were rather early heading to the bazaar, hoping to miss the rain but halfway through, it started to pour. Took refuge under one of the stall’s giant umbrella and had a bit of a laugh whilst waiting for the rain to stop…

Still dry when we got there…

Remember seeing this kek batik stall last year here too. It’s actually quite easy to make, with marie biscuits, milo and evaporated milk as it’s main ingredients.

Deep fried mushrooms, also a return stall.

This honey,sea coconut drink stall is new though.

Nasi Briyani stall from a mamak if I am not mistaken.

This stall has nasi lemak kukus with deep fried burung puyuh (quail)!

I think this stall is something new this year, selling ayam tempayan kelana, whole chicken cooked in big earthenware jars. At RM16 each, we decided to try half of it. It was actually quite yummy, and tender.

Beautifully marinated chicken wings over the pit.

The ayam golek, rotisserie roasted chicken also called out to us. We spotted 2 stalls and decided to try this one. I personally felt that it was a bit dry so I did prefer the ayam tempayan afterall.

Hehe, lechekang!! Felt the need to snap this simply because of the many spelling variations on leng chee kang at ramadhan bazaars that tickles us.

I remember this bubur desserts stall too but prices have gone up since last year. 😦

And just as we were making our way back the way we came it started to rain! So we “rested” next to Awie’s satar stall for some time until the rain started to subside. I remember the guy manning the stall fondly coz he’s a friendly soul indeed, and always ready with a smile. He also sells roasted corn on the cob.

RM 3 for 4 pieces of satar which is one of the better ones I have tried in Ramadhan bazaars so far. And the sizes are also more a bit substantial.

The Kanji Tok stall opposite us.

When the rain finally stopped, we decided to pick up some pecal, which is like gado-gado. Blanched greens (pucuk ubi, kangkung, long beans etc) with peanut sauce. at RM2 per pack. They also sold deep fried cempedak and it smells really good! Love it when cempedak is in season. Hehe.

This nasi ambeng stall was also spotted last year and the food still looks so tempting!

Chicken & beef samosas.

The guys behind the roasted lamb stall only started to heat the griddle after the rain stopped. But look at the lamb roasting slowly over the pit!

Another kuih stall that also sells apam balik

Popiah basah in the making.

We also tried Farni’s nasi kukus and the ayam goreng berempah was fantastic! Flavourful and juicy, really enjoyed tucking into it.

Kelana Jaya’s bazaar remains one to visit if you have time as there’s many interesting offerings there. And I spot quite a few regulars from last year, which is always comforting.

Kelana Jaya Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan SS6/1
Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.

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