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goodbye. for now.

i have been thinking for this for a while now. and finally I’m ready to face the truth. i need more time in a day! so with so much happening on the home front, and work getting busier, i guess it’s time to stop blogging. for now. many heartfelt thanks to those who have kept reading or left comments somewhere along the line.

but fret not, i’ll still be eating (and eating, lol) and documenting it. so feel free to check it out here or here.

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Sarawak Laksa

A couple of weeks ago I asked Jasmine why does she have a cooking tag in this blog. She explained that when she has time she cooks too and will blog about it. Since I had some Sarawak Laksa paste, we recently decided to cook it to celebrate Malaysia on September 16. So yeay, my first cooking post here!

The paste that I had was Barrett’s Sarawak Sambal Laksa which you can purchase from their website. Following the cooking directions behind the packet, I made the laksa soup the night before. I boiled 2.5 litres of chicken and prawn stock first, then I cooked the chicken breasts in it for shredding later.

The next day, Jas popped on over and we made the laksa soup proper by adding the paste and belacan. Since she was the Sarawak native, I relied heavily on her taste buds to adjusti the flavors 🙂 She also made the sambal belacan like a pro. We cooked the noodles, prawns, bean sprouts and omelette then plated it all up for photos!

Here is the spread. Complete with my Sarawakian table runner and mats. lol.

I plated my Sarawak Laksa like a noob. lol. I used a plate and poured the soup after placing all the laksa ingredients. #epicfail I know. lol.

Whereas Jas plated her laksa like a boss complete with sambal belacan and lime.

The 300g packet of Barrett’s Sarawak laksa paste states it cooks for 2 but we managed to get 7 servings out of it! So if you’re thinking of a party idea, consider making Sarawak laksa. It is easy to make and super tasty. Be sure to take some photos and let us know how it goes!

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Sakura Flower

it’s been a while,eh? i’ve been travelling a bit and haven’t really had time to plonk myself in front of a computer to regulate updates. plus i’m off to another more rural bit of the country where internet access is rare and handphone signals nonexistent. so it looks like i’ll be back only next week, with some food posts, hopefully. 🙂

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