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Pringles, anyone?

Pringles anyone? The Malaysian market has taken the initiative to add more flavours to the local favourites of original, cheese, barbecue, sour cream & onion etc lately but I still love keeping an eye for foreign offerings after discovering the Spicy Guacamole flavour last year. It is now officially my favourite flavour (*hint hint). The green chips taste awesome, and is not spicy for malaysian tastebuds actually. Light and crispy, its my perfect snack to being a couch potato. Heh.

Whilst shopping at Cold Storage recently, spotted more imported US Pringles and grabbed two, the Ranch and Blazin’ Buffalo Wing. Both had the signature light sourish tinge and it was good, good, good. But I still love the guacamole one best. Lol.

So if you too enjoy trying new flavours, head off to any nearby Cold Storage to get your fill. And apparently, the imported ones taste different to the local made ones. I haven’t tried any of the local ones after they revamped it to the newer, leaner packaging because I am not too keen on any of the flavours. But just google “Pringles Malaysia” and quite a few of unhappy posts come up. What says you?

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