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Happy 2010!

Bon Annee! Am a bit late in wishing all out there a fruitful, blessed 2010 to come as I’ve been away some. But ended and started the year with lots of good food with great company so it’s all good.

I have quite a bit of backlog from the last couple of months to sort through and hopefully will be posting more regularly this year. *keeping fingers crossed*

meanwhile, a teaser of sorts of what’s to come 😀

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Imitation, the best form of flattery?

Edited 100908: Brian Tan Sze Haw has deleted all plagiarised posts as of 10th September 2008 but has not acknowledged nor apologised for the incident. To all, please credit images back to their owners whenever you can. Infringement of copyright matters should not be taken lightly.

Just a quick browse through my stats and guess what I saw? This boy ( blatantly copying my posts and using it as his own! And watermarking MY photos as his own!!! True, he’s only 13 and doesn’t know better but claiming other people’s work as his own? Plagiarism is also a form of theft!

Tried reporting to Blogger about this content abuse but it seems that all they can do is suggest that I file a DMCA complaint with them. So at the moment, all I can do is leave a message at his chatbox and comments to get him to remove it. Will you guys also leave him a message too? If we don’t curb this now, maybe more of us floggers will face the same problem.

Or can anyone else can suggest a better way of handling this?

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Artoholic Singapore

We were driving down Joo Chiat Road when we noticed this place called Artoholic. Thinking it was an art gallery, we decided to pop in but was pleasantly surprised to see that it also doubles up as a cafe.

The decor is almost minimalistic, with concrete rendered walls & floors, wooden blocks for stools/chairs etc. The bar counter is towards the back of the shop, whereas displayed art feature prominently in the front. They have their menu nicely drawn out on this blackboard arch which does serve as an eye-catching feature. The

This is Spicy Eggie, a toasted sandwich with curried mayo eggs with onions & celery. Filling was a little lacking for such a thick toast but tasted okay.

Duo of Tomato bruschetta which is tomatoes with olive oil, cheese & homemade caesar dressing. The toasted bruschetta was crisp and warm. This tasted better than the sandwich.

Mocha. Served with a ginger cookie. Love the stirring spoon.

Well as Artoholic is mostly cafe food, there’s really nothing spectacular about its offerings. But thought I’ll just bring up this place for anyone frequeting Joo Chiat road much. As we were leaving, also saw this other shop Egg3 down the block. Well, well, Joo Chiat is becoming quite trendy! The lifestyle boutique is very hip and a little kitschy but it’s quite a treasure trove. I could spend hours there just browsing!

Some pics;

the counter. i saw nooka watches! /swoons. i so want one.

knick knacks and such. they have some really nice bags!

i ❤ that sheep bag but bit pricey after conversion so couldn’t bring myself to buy it. And when this painted piece on the old school tiles caught my eye, couldn’t resist snapping it. Nice surprise 😛

Artoholic (www)
422 joo chiat road,
singapore 427642

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the HP weekend

in preparation to being holed up at home over the weekend, poring over the 7th Harry Potter book, i happily bought some chicken carcasses and dried oysters to make porridge so that I need not worry about food whilst I remained engrossed in my book. But things do not always go according to plan, huh? Ended up having to work after picking up my book on Saturday morning.

Speaking of which, was a little amazed at the queue that greeted me at Carrefour SJ as I was driving past. I pre-booked (and pre-paid) mine from MPH some time back and didn’t know of the difference in price until seeing it in the newspaper later. That explains the queue and why MPH wasn’t selling the book. A father and his daughter was hoping to get their hands on a copy in MPH when I was picking up mine and were informed that they were only serving pre-bookings. I could see that the father was getting a little desperate. He was even prepared to drive to Puchong to get it from Tesco as informed by another parent. I thought I could at least do him the favour of telling him that Carrefour next door was selling it and that he had to be prepared to wait. I suppose he was also grateful that he was saving RM40 in the process. I comforted myself that it was only a RM30 difference (with the RM10 discount voucher) but, sigh, still can’t believe I paid almost 30% more!


Anyway I finally started on the book late Saturday evening and continued to finish it on Sunday afternoon after running my errands in the morning. I don’t know about other readers, but I found that I had to put down the book every other “encounter” to fully grasp the details. If I continued to plod on, I would have been a little lost with the fastest paced book of hers. I must admit, I felt no particular emotions in finishing the series at last, even though the previous book evoked plenty. No time was given to mourn well-known characters fall one after the other, as the plot continues to pick up. Yet, it all ends too quickly. And then, there is closure despite some questions arising.

Comfort food

Had my comfort food for companionship throughout the weekend as mentioned earlier. Just popped some Bario rice, chicken carcasses, dried oysters into the rice cooker and let it do its job. Surprisingly, keeping it on “Warm” mode for hours did wonders as the porridge became more smooth, as if the grains have been grounded. Ate it with some olive vegetable (橄榄菜) and fried gluten with peanuts (土豆斋鲍鱼).

Lovely weekend indeed. 😛

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Music & Others

Thought I’ll write a little on the stuff I kept myself busy over the weekend. caught the king & I at istana budaya on saturday. it was very entertaining indeed. i especially enjoyed the scenes when the children appeared. the first introduction reminded me of captain von trapp introducing his 7 children to maria in “Sound of Music”. Anna, or rather Brianna Borger sings well. The story of blossoming love despite the clashing of culture is quite moving. Reminds me of why I love watching musicals. What’s next I wonder? Maybe Tunku, the musical?

after watching the musical, found out that joshua bell is performing at the mpo over the weekend. needless to say, he’s all sold out. very disappointed but what would one expect at the 11th hour? i guess listening to his CDs will just have to suffice. ah but what i’ll give to see him playing in person. *pinches self for late-realisation*

it takes another man to get over another man, no? so sans joshua bell, i settled for harry potter. or rather, the 5th HP movie. i expect it’s a commendable adaptation and since there was no way to squeeze the entire book into the 138min long movie, i shouldn’t compare it to the book. i too understand that cuts have to be made. however, i couldn’t help but wish that certain parts remained true to the book. for instance, cho being made the scapegoat whilst in the book it was her friend who sneaked. even if we felt a little better when we found out later that it was the doing of veritaserum. and the weasley twins’ great departure which could have been so much more memorable (the swamp!). though i’ll settle for the scene where all the decrees exploded. lol. still, i guess it’s the price we readers pay.

but as for the movie itself, i rather enjoyed it. couldn’t help but be brought into the wave of emotions of the creators obviously wanted us to feel. despising umbridge, feeling sorry for snape, even if just for a second. the loss when sirius died. and loved seeing parts of the book materialising instead of trying to imagine them, for instance, the black’s family tree tapestry (though i wanted to see the mother’s portrait ranting more!), the secret DA classes, the extendable ears etc.

so it does look like i am set for next week’s release of the final book in HP. ah i wonder if he’ll make it?

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For Nat

edited 17/07/2007: nat was released today! unharmed and perhaps even more resolute to blog about the political scene in M’sia, ensuring some form of transparency. great to see you out!

taking a break off food related posts to bring attention to a friend’s plight. nat was taken in remand on friday, whereas the legality of it all remains in question. detention for help in investigation kononnya. pfft.

credits to mob’s crib.

more details here and here.

others :
elizabeth wong
john lee
lim kit siang

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Malaysians & food

Just further proof that all malaysians think of is food (apart from money lah) here. a compiled list of 65 fellow m’sian foodies for your voyeuristic pleasure. just make sure you had a bit before you start so that you don’t end up licking your monitor. lol.


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