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Happy Herb Pizza, Siem Reap

As you know, most travel must-dos come from word-of-mouth and this next meal we had is just that. Just as the name suggests, happy herb pizza is basically pizza sprinkled with cannabis. Apparently you can tell the waiter if you want the pizza “happy”, “very happy” or “ecstatic”.

So we walked into Happy Herb Pizza, the restaurant on our last nite in Siem Reap, looking for a little excitement. the extra, secret ingredient is not explicitly stated in the menu so it’s up to you to tell the waiter how happy you would like to be. lol. We didn’t see any topping we liked so we asked the waiter if we could have our own picks and he agreed! So we ordered pizza with sundried tomatoes, ham & olives.

happyherb.jpgIt took a while for the pizza to be served but we were well occupied with watching the geckos on the walls. i counted at least ten geckos! i wondered if they are happy geckos? lol. anyway, back to the main star of the night, the pizza. couldn’t really differentiate the so-called “happy herb” with the rest of the italian herbs sprinkled on the pizza by looks nor by taste. but still the pizza was heavenly due to the lavish use of cheese. nor did they skint on the ingredients either. quite worth the money paid – USD7 for a medium sized (8 slices).

i don’t think either one of us left the place feeling any different, honestly. so maybe our pizza wasn’t too “happy”. but still, i think it was a pleasant surprise finding such good pizza in siem reap. try it and if you’re tempted, ask for the “happier” versions. lol.

Happy Herb Pizza
#069, Mondul 1,
Khum SvayDangkum,
Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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