Kluang Rail Coffee, Kluang.

From Malacca, I made the 90 minute drive alone into Kluang to visit my friend and also to visit the much talked about Railway Station for some authentic Hainanese coffee. Afterall, this canteen like kopitiam has successfully thrust Kluang into the tourism limelight and even gets a mention in wikipedia!

I’m sure many around Klang Valley will be familiar with Kluang Station outlets but they’re not directly affiliated with the famous Kluang Rail Coffee even though the owners of both businesses are of an uncle-nephew relationship. Noticed the difference in names? Subtle yet distinct.

The small, but picturesque Kluang train station. But it does see a throng of visitors daily, esp. those hankering after a hot, robust cuppa.

Kluang Rail Coffee, a rail tradition! Operating since 1938, it’s now in the hands of the 3rd generation. The simplicity of the place boasts of the good ole’ days when kopitiams were not all about franchises and rapid expansion. Being a weekend, the place was packed! Waiting for a table is quite the norm here and I loved how people of all walks and races dined just like how true Malaysians should.

Ordering here during peak hours is a bit of a challenge as one would have to try to catch the eye of the very busy waiters. Finally a chinese uncle took our order and came off as being a bit stand offish to begin with yet warmed up to us later. These kind of quirky traits just added to the experience of being here. Heh.

It was such a busy weekend that all the sliced bread was sold out and it was only 10am! And to think that people always say “Better than Sliced Bread”. Here, sliced bread is the best, judging the rate it sold out!

The friendly and humble boss manning the drinks station. I had quite an informative chat with him and it was somewhat mesmerising seeing him go about making the drinks. And boss, I remember your promise to bring me around makan the next time I’m in Kluang, k? Lol.

I have always loved Hainanese coffee for their aromatic, intense, complex flavour. Indeed a tradition in itself. Just a sip of the rich brew is enough to start the day with a bang.

Soft Boiled Egg

We also had a portion of the soft boiled eggs but it was a tad overcooked in my opinion. Soft boiled eggs should be all runny etc. But look at that gorgeous yolk! Fresh or what?

Toasted Bun

Our first toasted bun was a little on the cold side as it didn’t have much of a chance to stay on the charcoal grill due to the crowd. But we ordered another when the crowd slowed down and it was warm enough for the butter to melt nicely to blend with the kaya spread. And yes, it was good! No wonder the roti bakar has also been coined as roti kahwin. The taste of kaya with butter, mhmm.


And to illustrate the generosity of the filling… only one word comes to mind: oozing.

The nasi lemak here is also much talked about and sells off quite quickly. So I was quite excited when we got our hands on one. What surprised me was the size of the pack. I honestly can finish the entire pack in 3 spoonfuls. And apart from a pat of sambal and a couple of peanuts and anchovies, there were naught else. But the sambal does hold its own, with a slightly sweetish but spicy kick. And even though it was simple, it was good. So it’s not always about the frills…

Overall, it’s the experience at dining such a basic yet historical landmark that prevails. I have had cold bread during the very busy moments which didn’t sit too well. But during the slightly slower times, my toasted bun was perfect so I guess there’s such a thing as timing when eating here.

They also have another branch at 3, Jalan Manggis in Kluang. This branch has more food choices, including curry noodles which the boss recommends.

Kluang Rail Coffee
Kluang KTM Station,
Jalan Station,
Kluang, Johor.
Open 7am -12pm, 2:30 – 6pm. Closed Thursdays.

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  1. Very nice picture of the railway!

    This reminds me of the one and only time I went to Kluang, all excited to try this particular place, only to find out that it was closed! (I think it was a Sunday) I was devastated. (Also felt quite stupid…hehe)

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks! hehe, you must have gone during the lunch break? coz they’re open on sundays even!

  2. Tummythoz said

    My kind of nasi lemak but better with an order of mata kerbau but they don’t have that right?

    epicuriousgirl says: not that i’m aware of, but there’s always the soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg. :p

  3. J2Kfm said

    I personally prefer Kluang Station Kopitiam to Old Town Kopitiam.
    not sure why. maybe the roti kahwin/toasted bun with kaya n butter
    appeals more.

    just like Imbi market’s Hainan tea and their toasts.

    epicuriousgirl says: you mean the franchised ones? I guess. Old Town is opening far too quickly and losing quality control. but for the original ones, I do like Kluang’s more too.

  4. vkeong said

    Johor is too far for me, so the next best thing I could get should be the franchised one haha. I saw one in Ikano, always full of customers!! I guess I need to drop by one day 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: trust me, the original one still tastes better. 😛

  5. sc said

    i’m from kluang and it has been ages since i went there. take for granted i guess, since it’s always there. but i do love eating sliced toasted bread at honeyland, which also serves kickass ham chin peng..haha, and yes, the nasi lemak bungkus can be that small. even some that we buy from other places can be this small too. 50 sen to 70sen a pack, cannot complain lar :p

    epicuriousgirl says: ya, at that price cannot complain. but also good size when one has the toasted bun to eat too.

  6. JENCOOKS said

    Yes, I recognise this, first time I tried the only other stall outside Kluang is JB I think and it’s a place that u can pass by without much thot about it. When I tried, I loved the coffee, the nasi with rendang chicken and with the kampung interiors of wiremesh windows, it’s so nostalgic.

    epicuriousgirl says: yeah, sometimes the most nondescript places serve really good food!

  7. hihi
    i came across your blog thru googling taipei gourmet food cos i was thinking of finding some good places to eat in taipei on my next trip n saw ur taiwan food intro n photos..ur blog is absolutely fantastic!!! i;m definitely keeping a record of all ur food recommendations for next time i’m in penang again, i didn’t even realise malaysia had such lovely and a wide array of choices for delicious food!! haha =) damn ur blog photos make me miss malaysian food soooo much…

    epicuriousgirl says: hey thanks for dropping by. 😀 Enjoy your trip in Taipei!

  8. ah, memries memries…i used to be stationed in kluang, so the station was a regular haunt…. of course those days (circa 1990), it was but a shack…with questionable hygiene, but oh such sublime coffee and roti bakar….

    epicuriousgirl says: time to re-visit? surely cannot compare with eating at those franchised kluang stations. nothing beats the experience of being in the original shack 😛

  9. WAK MUSBIRAN said


  10. Aliza said

    I’m from kluang (felda Kahang barat, Kluang Johor) my house about 15 minits to hutan lipur gunung Berlumut. Kami bangga ada restoran yang cukup terkenal ni – Kluang Rail coffee (di station keretapi yang paling best) dan sudah ada outlet di dalam bandar juga tak jauh drai station keretapi. Roti bakar nyerrrr memang sedap. tak jumpa kat mana mana, soft sangat dan kaya sangat enak. The coffee & teh tarik tak boleh cari kat tempat lain dan harga reasonable….

  11. Markass317 said

    I was stationed in Kluang, with the British Forces from 1960-61. I still remember my last view of the station disappearing from view as I left. Really nice place.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, it is. 🙂

  12. ammel said

    aku duduk Kluang dari tahun 1965 sampai 1982. Lepas tu aku pindah ke Melaka. Bila kisah kopi Kluang yang sedap tu teruja aku nak pegi kat Kluang. dekat Tesco Melaka ada cawangan Kopi Kluang tu!! Tapi aku nak bernostalgia dekat stesen KTM Kluang tu. So aku dan anak sedara aku, ke Kluang… oleh kerana nak ke Stesen KTM Kluang, aku bulatkan hati naik train dari stesen Pulau Sebang dekat Alor Gajah, (dulu orang sebut stesen Tampin.. la ni orang dah mula sebut Pulau Sebang cos stesen tu dekat kawasan Negeri Melaka/ko orang jangan kata Melaka tak ada sistem rel ia memang wujud sejak berzaman lagi cuma kebanyakan org buta sejarah) naik tren jam 1040 pagi sampai Kluang jam 1.15pm. Balik semula ke Melaka (naik train juga) ptg itu juga jam 530 ptg sampai stesen Pulau Sebang jam 8 lalam. Memang best kopi Kluang tu. Cuma aku syorkan bukalah juga sebelah malam kerana ramai juga org naik train sebelah malam.. kalau tak buka sunyi stesen Kluang tu.

  13. lee said

    born & bred in Kluang but decided to seek my dreams and fortune in KL 30 yrs ago. i decided to return to bat town in 2008 and currently work in Simpang Renggam.

    while in KL, i brave a 12km journey from my home to work in about an hour and go thru about a dozen of traffic lights including the jammed clog Giant Kewajipan junction and the Kesas Hicom exist.

    i drive 30 km from bat town to work place in 30 mins without the need to go thru a single traffic light.

    life is good here.

    if you like chinese food, you must try New Ocean restaurant in Simpang Renggam. signature dish including curry shrimp and braised pork rib. food and price is superb!

    epicuriousgirl says: does sound more relaxing than the fast paced life in KL. thanks for the info 🙂

  14. Fina said

    Hi! Appreciate of you could provide the contact details of Kluang Railway Coffee as i’ll be bringing bunch of my firends there soon…would the accept reservation? (i’m staying in jb)

    epicuriousgirl says: err, it’s at the main Kluang rail station at Jalan Station. i don’t think they accept reservations as everyone just goes there to wait for free tables.

  15. nikel said

    i going there soon.. look traditional and attractive..

  16. zaim said

    KLUANG RAIL COFFEE TIDAK HALAL!!!! Keputusan analisis sampel makanan yang telah diambil di KLUANG RAIL COFFEE oleh Jabatan Agama telah diterima. Didapati kandungan serbuk kopi (termasuk kopi uncang) positif mengandungi campuran bahagian BABI..Juga terdapat kandungan ALKOHOL dalam madu yg digunakan dlm ramuan roti bakar (SAYA SALMIAH SENDIRI TEL TUAN KHADI KLUANG UTK MENDPTKAN KEPASTIAN) disebarkan oleh Persatuan Pengguna Bumiputera Daerah Kluang.

    • TheOwlScribe said


      Kalau begitu saya syorkan TOK SAH makan je. Biar mereka yang boleh makan makan je.

  17. sharifah nordin said

    salam pd smua umat mslimin/mat…..jangan makan or minum di mana2 pun cafe2 besar kerana meragu kan kehalalannya….dr penyediaan mee dan coffee.. plzz cari lah kedai kopi islam or melayu…asal halal di segala segi penyediaan nya…mamak pun takleh caya…tapi tak smua…pandai lah lihat?dan rasa di dlm hati akan halal ke tak…..memang dari dulu nak g rasa makan di station ni…3x i try…mcm2 halangan yg dpt..ilham dari allahswt.ashik tak jd prgi..at last i dpt jwpan nya….rupa2 nya ada babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…hi jijik nyaaaaaaa…yekkkk

    • TheOwlScribe said

      sharifah nordin,

      Saya sokong. Biar je mereka yang boleh terima makanan menjijikan makan je. Mereka yang anggap diri mereka istimewa dan alim tahap nabi cuma makan di rumah sendiri. TOK SAH buat masalah untuk mereka yang makan bahan2 menjijikan LOL.

  18. buffycat subi said

    any recommended place to go around this area? i m planning to travel there via railway ^^

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