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Little Hanoi

It was our Halong Bay tour guide who recommended Little Hanoi. Little did we know that there were two Litle Hanois (as far as we know). We stumbled upon the first one in a narrow alleyway in Ta Hien, with red lightboxes indicating its location. The lightbox claims that this Little Hanoi is recommended by Lonely Planet too. The reviews seem to suggest that this is the original Little Hanoi. As it was not opened yet, we ended up devouring bun bo nam bo by one of the mobile vendors around it.


As we walked further into the Old Quarter, we stumbled upon the bigger Little Hanoi on Hang Gai. on a corner lot. Thinking it was by the same owners, we walked in and found out that these two restaurants are unrelated despite sharing the same name. This Little Hanoi’s decor was mostly of bamboo, which had a quaint and tropical feel to it. It’s quite obvious that this place caters mostly to foreigners and tourists as the food they serve were mainly western vietnamese fusion.


Our group was quite large and we sat spreaded out over 6 tables. between the 3 of us seated at my table, we ordered the special spring rolls, fresh shrimp rolls and the spaghetti carbonara. the special spring rolls were actually a platter of fried spring rolls such as shrimp rolls, rice-vermicelli filled rolls and minced meat rolls. Served with the savoury tangy nuoc mam chilli dip. The fresh shrimp rolls were abundantly stuffed with lettuce leaves and other herb leaves with slices of prawns wrapped in the thin rice papers. the spaghetti was served with pancetta in a white, creamy sauce.


i quite like the rice-vermicelli spring roll coz the deep fried rice vermicelli gave it quite a crunchy bite. it tasted rather peppery compared to the other two. the shrimp roll was a minced shrimp paste. but after a few deep fried rolls, it was getting too much for one person so this is definitely a platter to share. lucky my colleague was willing to exchange some of her fresh shrimp rice rolls with me. tried some of the spaghetti which was rather good, but too heavy for me as we overdid it on street food earlier.

Food wise, this place is rather mediocre. But it’s a nice place to sit down and relax after battling the fierce Vietnamese summer outside on the streets. Relaxing ambience and polite service.

Little Hanoi
21 – 23 Hang Gai Street
Hoan Kien District, Hanoi,

Opens 7:30am to 11:00 pm.

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