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Seng Cheong, Macau.

One of the must eats in my list for Macau was Seng Cheong, which is known as THE place for crab porridge. Located along Rua Do Cunha, also the food street of Taipa, the waiting crowd is telling of its popularity.

Pictures of their signature dishes graced their entrance, enticing us. Lucky for us, our wait was considerably short as we were only 2 and could easily share tables. The interior was simple, with white round tables, and plastic stools.

The signature dish, Water Crab Porridge (水蟹粥) was a must so we ordered a small portion, which was good enough for 2-3 pax. If I am not mistaken it’s about 90Patacas while the bigger portion is going for 30 Patacas more. A bit pricey considering it’s only porridge, but the silky smooth texture and rich flavour was worth savouring. Golden yellow hue, and thickened with bits of crab roe, the crab meat was quite delightful as well.

Despite wanting very much to try the steamed eels, I knew we couldn’t finish that so we settled for deep fried frog. Unassuming dish, served with only a vinegar dip but this was finger licking good! Light but crisp batter and easy to tear off flesh. Yum.

The family we were sharing our table with had quite a few of their signature dishes and it all looked so drool worthy. Worth visiting again if I am back in the city with a bigger group.

Seng Cheong 诚昌饭店
28, Rua do Cunha,
Taipa, Macau.

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