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Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie, Singapore

canele.jpgCould only squeeze in a quick meet up with an old buddy during my weekend in Singapore and we did it over dessert, instead of the proposed coffee. As we were in Paragon, he suggested Canelé. The first thing that registered when I stepped into Canelé was that the array of cakes were arranged in a similar way to that of Bakerzin. But this was the real deal, with dainty wrapped packages of chocolates, preserves etc lining the shelves on the left and the colourful cakes, pastries and other confectionary displayed in glass boxes. i later learned that Canelé is part of the Les Amis group and is helmed by Chef Pang Kok Keong, who an ex-member of the national culinary team, which explains the unique desserts in the menu.

However it’s quite hard to get a seat here, considering that there’s only about 4 tables and we were quite lucky to get the last table available. Even then, it’s quite tight, with the possibility of the next table’s patrons encroaching into your personal space, which seems to suggest that spending too much time here is not encouraged. nevertheless, we were quite intrigued by the desserts listed. My friend and his significant other chose “Nougatine” (a sweet crepe filled with Nutella, salty caramel, caramelized Filo, Nougatine ice cream, vanilla crème chantilly) and “Black Forest” respectively. Our friend chose Creme Caramel and I opted for “L’Amour” (Rose petal ice cream with raspberry swirl, rose meringue and lychee pieces).

i only tried a little of the Black Forest cake but wasn’t too impressed. It was a little dry in my opinion. Didn’t try the crepe, but the ice-cream was great. Creamy and not too sweet.

Friend didn’t sing much praises of the Creme Caramel which I supposed was just mediocre. He kept drawing our attention the brown liquid pooled at the bottom of the cup, which I suppose is caramel but he didn’t want to taste it and didn’t finish the dessert. As for rose petal ice-cream, it was lightly fraganced with the smell of roses, though I found the rose meringue (the pink twigs) a little too sweet for my liking. But it was quite refreshing to try something new like this.

If you have a sweet tooth and would like to see what all the fuss is about, there are 3 Canelés in Singapore, this one in Paragon, a cafe in the Esprit store in Centrepoint and the original outlet in Robertson Walk.

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie
290 Orchard Road,
#B1-25 Paragon,
Singapore 238859

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The Pump Room, Singapore

our boss decided to bring us to clarke quay to check out the night spots and somehow we ended up at the pump room. more of her scene, I guess. nice booths with muted lighting, a live band etc. of course i was more curious about the other places i’ve heard about such as the clinic (with a hospital theme), ministry of sound etc. but in the end i am pretty glad we chose the pump room.


the place also brews its own beer and we chose the bohemian ale instead of their signature India Pale ale after trying samples of all their 5 home-brewed beer. later they had a buy 1 free 1 promo but i can’t remember what time it started from. we had some cranberry juice too for a non-alcoholic option. boss herself had a chardonnay which really relaxed her. she was ready to dance to the live band! the live band that was playing that nite was Jive Talkin’ and they play quite a nice array of songs, most which are familiar to us.


We ordered only the baby back ribs marinated in beer and two desserts, a pavlova with tropical fruits & passion fruit curd and the coconut creme brulee to share. the ribs came first, served with wedges and some leafy salad followed shortly by the 2 sweets. i think the chef was a little heavy on the barbecue sauce, as i couldn’t really taste the beer. but the ribs were tender and juicy and we loved it. boss said it was comparable to tony roma’s. we couldn’t even finish the serving of wedges, coz it was quite generous.

i wasn’t too keen on the soft-centred pavlova with the tropical fruits. however it would definitely appeal to those who are partial to lemon meringue. the creme brulee was served with biscotti, raspberry & blueberry. it was quite fun to crack the top of it and to dig in. i definitely preferred this to the pavlova.

it was indeed a great night out – fun company, good music and scrumptious food. i’d definitely come back to clarke quay and check out some of the other restaurants lining the river and watch couples dating by the river, as river taxis cruise up and down. and maybe lounge at one of the outdoor pod like booths beside the colourful restaurants & bars.

The Pump Room
3B River Valley Road,
The Foundry, #01-09/10,
Singapore 179021

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Island Creamery, Singapore


so after our french lunch, we headed over to the ice-cream joint, Island Creamery which used to occupy the lot La Petite Cuisine is at now. i quite like what greeted me as soon as i stepped into the ice-cream joint. red and white are the main colours, with a wall of photos of happy patrons. they even had a section for kids to draw, with ready supplies of paper, crayons, and even a chalkboard. love how they mixed and matched their chairs which portrayed such an element of fun. and their takeaway boxes have moo-moo prints on them. lol.

The place was packed with students, which meant a noisier and more rambunctious crowd. I didn’t mind really, as i was more curious about the ice-cream flavours available. they had quite a variety of adaptations of local flavours such as teh tarik (frothy, pulled milk tea), cendol (local shaven ice dessert), pulut hitam (black glutinous rice dessert), black sesame ice-cream and even fruity versions such as banana, coconut, soursop etc. the best part of course is being able to ask for a taste for the flavours before you make your final choice.

teh tarik, pulut hitam & fresh banana flavours
the group of us finally settled on a few scoops to share between us and chose teh tarik, pulut hitam, fresh banana, soursop and cookies & cream. i particularly enjoyed the pulut hitam one as they had the rice bits in it which gave it a nice bite. and the taste and flavour was very true to the real thing. i didn’t like the tea one as much as it tasted nore like tea leaves with very little milk. i ate quite a bit of the soursop one as no one else apart from one of the kids liked the sour taste much, and i did. and it even had real soursop flesh bits in it.

Island Creamery also claims to make the ice-cream fresh, with no artificial colouring or flavouring. So for good ice-cream with the added bonus of local varities at an affordable price ($2.50 a scoop, $4 for 2), do visit this ice-cream parlour. Great place to hang out too and maybe you can pin up your photo with the rest of the people on the wall too.

Island Creamery
Serene Centre,
10, Jalan Serene,
Singapore 258748.

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La Petite Cuisine, Singapore

It was a last minute decision really. And my boss’s idea. To pop by Singapore for the weekend for work and also to squeeze in Phantom Of the Opera which is showing at Esplanade. It was a rather rushed & hectic trip too, but still, we saw quite a bit of work-related stuff that gave us new ideas for our upcoming projects.

on our first day, our boss’s friend brought us to what he calls, simple, french peasant food. La Petite Cuisine is a small cafe at Serene Centre, with inside and outside seating. A chalkboard serves as the menu, and there were quite a variety of dishes, with the price range from $7.50 to $14.50. And for an extra $1.50, you can have the option of adding either a dessert/soup/coffee. Love the bread roll they give at the beginning of the meal. Herb baguette, still warm with butter on the side. Biting into the warm, soft bread was heavenly.

My bosses ordered the “Mediterranean Bread & Pork Sausage with Salad” and the “Pork Cutlet with Pasta”. Both of them claimed that their choices were wonderful. I tried a bit of the Pork cutlet and even though it was a little dry, it was quite flavourful.


I wanted to order the “Fillet of Roast Lamb with Gratin” to begin with but it was not available yet so I had the “Dory Basquaise”, which is white fish fillet sauteed with tomatoes, onions Basque-style. It was served with butter rice. I quite enjoyed the fish cooked this way. Am quite tempted to find a similar recipe to cook the frozen dory fillets i have in my fridge. My cousin ordered the Sirloin steak which was served with potato gratin, salad and mustard. the beef was cooked medium rare and was juicy and tender. especially delish when dipped into mustard.

The kids had the Pizza Bread whilst their mother had the “Croissant with Escargots”. I tried both as they generously shared with us. I quite like the croissant. maybe it’s because i am inclined to escargots. lol. love them and no, i am not queasy about eating snails. the pizza bread wasn’t very memorable. but at least it’s warm. topped with cheese, ham, onions, and bell peppers. and served with salad.

i think this french bistro is worth a visit if you’re looking for cheap, french inspired cuisine. but the place is rather small and cannot really sit large groups (we sat outside and joined 3 tables). also, the place only accepts cash and the reading materials available are in french. portions are on the smaller size, but quite filling. i do think the food is a tad oily in general, but then, most of it is olive oil, which i suppose isn’t as bad as normal cooking oil.

Next, to follow up is dessert…

La Petite Cuisine
#01-05, Serene Centre,
10, Jalan Serene,
Singapore 258748.

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