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Imitation, the best form of flattery?

Edited 100908: Brian Tan Sze Haw has deleted all plagiarised posts as of 10th September 2008 but has not acknowledged nor apologised for the incident. To all, please credit images back to their owners whenever you can. Infringement of copyright matters should not be taken lightly.

Just a quick browse through my stats and guess what I saw? This boy ( blatantly copying my posts and using it as his own! And watermarking MY photos as his own!!! True, he’s only 13 and doesn’t know better but claiming other people’s work as his own? Plagiarism is also a form of theft!

Tried reporting to Blogger about this content abuse but it seems that all they can do is suggest that I file a DMCA complaint with them. So at the moment, all I can do is leave a message at his chatbox and comments to get him to remove it. Will you guys also leave him a message too? If we don’t curb this now, maybe more of us floggers will face the same problem.

Or can anyone else can suggest a better way of handling this?

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