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Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Jalan Alor

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles is one of my must-eats whenever I have friends visiting Malaysia.

It is actually located along Tengkat Tung Shin which is parallel to Jalan Alor but most people don’t know the little road actually has a name. Besides, you can’t miss it anyway – not with a huge neon sign with a cow and words stating it as the “Famous Beef Noodle” placed on the rooftops while the little stall only has about 10 tables located on a five foot way!

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
We ordered their kon lo (dry) beef noodles. The noodles are springy the way I like them and the mince beef is as good as I remember first eating it back in 2002. And like with all good food, I don’t spend time trying to figure out what’s in it because I am scoffing it down by the mouthfuls. But if I had to put my finger on what makes the mince beef so good – I’d say some voodoo ganja. lol.

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
I also ordered some add ons – beef and pork balls on the side. They give you that extra chew when you eat in the same bite with the beef noodles. So what you get is an explosion of beefy goodness, best washed down with some clear soup (that doesn’t make you super thirsty, btw). Ngau Kee also does pork mince with lo shu fun and kway teow noodles in small, medium and large portions. Don’t forget to try it with their special chili sauce found on every table. Prices here starts from RM5 and add ons can go up to RM8.50.

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles

They open til late so if you’re looking for an alternative to mamak and Bak Kut Teh, there is always Ngau Kee.

p/s: There is also a sugar cane stall next to Ngau Kee that does a great sugar cane juice with lemon!

Restoran Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
Tengkat Tong Shin (parallel to Jalan Alor)
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Restoran Siaw Kok Chun, Kajang

Apart from satay, Kajang is also famous for its lat tong (辣汤) or claypot spicy soup. So during one afternoon I happened to be in Kajang with some contractors, they wanted to bring me to something local to Kajang.

Siaw Kok Chun (Previously called Siaw Kah) is easily spotted with its new red signage and the lunch crowd was quite promising. And on almost every table are the signature claypot dishes which the patrons tuck into happily.

We had the spicy soup with chicken and also pork innards. It was not as peppery or spicy as I expected and fail a tad short of my expectations.

Also had Foh Bao Pork(火爆肉), which is essentially stir fried spicy pork belly. The pork belly is sliced thinly and fried so that it has a bit of a crispy crunch to it before being seasoned with the flavours of dried chillies, dried shrimps etc. I love the accompanying onions and spring onions. But I have had better version somewhere in Kajang years back which this can’t top.

Stir fried string beans with dried shrimps(贵豆苗). Can never go wrong with this though their version is rather oily.

Other noteworthy dishes the waitress mentioned would be the tilapia, fa tiew chicken (花雕鸡), vinegar pork trotter etc so there’s quite a bit to try. But overall, I don’t think I’ll be back in a rush, so the search for the best lat tong continues…

Restoran Siaw Kok Chun 萧家辣汤 (www)
278, Jalan Berjaya 9,
Taman Berjaya
43000 Kajang
Opens: 12pm-3pm; 5pm-9:15pm (Closed Wednesdays)

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The Hungry Hog, Subang SS15

I first learnt of Hungry Hog when a friend told us she bought Siew Yoke off a blogshop for our pot luck dinner that night. The crispy pork in the old school brown paper packaging coupled with the wonderful lime chilli condiment was the main discussion over dinner that night.

So when I got word that a cafe by the people behind Hungry Hog was opening in SS15, had to arrange for a visit with some porky lovers. The design of the cafe itself is simple, yet cosy. I personally loved the framed “words of wisdom” on the walls. Sure added a bit of humour to the dining experience. 😉

They are starting off with a simple menu but I am quite happy with the items offered.

Their signature is of course their Siew Yoke so we had to order a serving of their Siew Yoke Rice. The roast pork itself can also be ordered ala carta as a snack. But what we liked about the rice set was the fact that they had a little pickled carrots on the side to whet your appetite and the rice was topped with braised pork bits reminding one of Taiwan’s rice dish, 台式噜肉饭.

Phad Kao Muu, another rice based dish with minced pork and basil. I love the hint of spiciness the chillies give. If I had my way, would love more basil in these for that lovely aroma.

They offer 2 types of burgers, the Plain Jane and 3 Little Pigs. The names are genius. The recommended burger is the 3 Little Pigs which feature their own pork patty, crispy bacon and ham. The bun is baked by the chefs themselves and is quite light. My only gripe is perhaps the choice of ham used. For that, I prefer the Plain Jane which features the tender pork patty and cheese only.

Our favourite of the night was definitely the luscious ribs in char siew sauce. Served with a tropical salad featuring fresh pineapples, the tender, juicy meat was finger licking good. Chunky cuts, generous marinade maketh the dish indeed.

For those who want something other than pork, there’s the Guinness Beef Stew as well. The portion is quite substantial but some of the beef cubes were drier than others. But still overall very hearty and brimming with the flavour of the dark stout.

We also had sausages, with fennel I believe, but it came whilst we were all happily tucking in to the rest of the dishes so we kinda missed out on snapping a shot. But they were great, tasty meat with little filler.

The only have one dessert at the moment, brownies served with ice cream which I skipped. Coffee was a bit weak, in my opinion so opt for other drinks. But overall, good unpretentious food. I’m glad I work nearby so I can pop by whenever for lunch as they also offer lunch sets with drinks. Oink!

The Hungry Hog (www)
71, Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 2:30pm, 6:00 – 10:00pm (closed on Mondays)

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Restoran Hong Ba, Pandamaran Klang

Going to take a break from blogging of foreign food from my vacation and concentrate on something local for a bit. Headed for Klang one weekend for a foodie adventure and bak kut teh wasn’t the main agenda!

Though the place we headed for sells bak kut teh too. But it’s the hong ba we were were hungry for. What’s hong ba you say?

This! Deliciously tender braised pork trotter served with sticky, lip-smacking gravy, braised intestines and chicken feet. The meat literally falls apart when you poke at it.

We also had a serving of peppery tofu soup each. One thing that piqued my curiosity was this egg stuffed intestine bit, which my friend said is Teochew in origin. Hmm. Haven’t tried this before. But enjoyed the soup which reminded me of Pig’s stomach soup which is also peppery in nature.

Restoran Hong Ba 158封肉&肉骨茶
No. 158A, Jalan Chan Ah Choo,
Pandamaran Port Klang,
42000, Klang
Opening Hours : 6.30am-1.00pm

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“Local” McDonald’s – Turkey/Czech Rep/Greece

I am not the biggest McDonald’s fan as the local Malaysian ones are not as mouthwatering as the ones I had during my uni days in UK. But like HB here, I tend to want to check out “local” McD’s when I am travelling, just to see what they have that’s different from back home.


The beefburgers here are called Kofteburgers and apparently the halal minced beef they use are mixed with local spices. But what caught my eye was the McTurco® – a type of Turkish Kebab with either chicken or beef patties.

We chose the beef ones and it’s very similar to a seasonal item we had here in Malaysia – the grilled chicken foldover. This comes with a pita bread / flatbread and double beef patties. The bread was not bad but I thought the whole thing was a tad dry. Doesn’t the lettuce look a bit dismal? Lol.

If you’re ever in Turkey, I would suggest you give this a miss and have other local durum wraps instead. Much more flavourful & tasty.

Prague, Czech Republic

We only did McD’s at the Prague airport before we were due to leave. During our weekend there, kept seeing banners advertising the Swiss King and in the end, curiousity got the better of us.

The swiss king is really quite something. Beef with melted cheese, a hash brown patty, bacon and beat this, bun topped with bacon cubes (!) and cheese! Very tasty but quite hard to finish towards the last few bites. I would recommend sharing this!

Also featured was deep fried Hermelin, a local cheese similar to Camembert made in Sedlčany. A soft white cheese that’s light in taste and wonderful when paired with the berry dip.


Athens, Greece

I heard somewhere that during Lent, the month before Easter in Greece, McDonald’s will offer more seafood based items. We didn’t have much time to head to any McDonald’s in Athens during our very brief stopover but did spot one at the airport.

True enough, they had a seasonal range featuring seafood or rather shrimps. There was the burger, wrap, salad, fried shrimp itself and even spring rolls.

In Greece, pita wraps are big and even McDonald’s has come up with a chicken pita wrap. The chicken strip, which has the texture of a Mcnugget is paired with ranch sauce & cheese. It tastes ok though I think KFC’s twister wraps beats it hands down. Still, the pita wraps on the streets are the real deal.

Decided to try the Shrimp burger which is purportedly made with 12 whole grilled prawns in the patty, and served with crisp iceberg lettuce in a bun with seaweed flakes. I quite like the taste and it reminded me of Wendy’s shrimp supreme.

Also had a portion of the crispy breaded shrimps served with sweet and sour sauce. Makes for a nice snack.

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Ping Pong, London

After a few meals in London, we were starting to crave something Asian so when my boss spotted Ping Pong in Soho, there was no doubt where lunch would be.

The restaurant’s decor is quite chic to be honest, and very much different from usual Chinatown joints with its sleek black accents. But from thereon after, things didn’t quite impress as much anymore. The reception was lukewarm to be honest and our waiter seemed to be quite abrupt and indifferent. I even had problems trying to hail him down to refill my tea’s hot water! But on that note, must commend the supervisor for stepping in to do so.

Our drinks – Lychee & Grape & Flowering Jasmine. Both were very refreshing.

To start, salt & pepper pork crackling. Reminds me of the ones we get in Bali, perfect to go with beer but these were not as crispy as I hoped. Still, an interesting starter.

Shrimp Toast, topped with sesame seeds. Bouncy and crisp.

I can’t really remember what dumpling this is anymore. If i am not mistaken this was probably the spicy hot vegetable dumpling. Still, it looks pretty inviting, hehe.

Soft Shell Crab. Looks good but tasted so-so. The Japs do it better 😛

Translucent chive dumplings with king prawns in them. Beautiful to look at and one of the better tasting ones.

King prawns & scallop sticky rice with carrots and bamboo shoots. Definitely an upgrade from the usual sticky rice parcels we get back home. Quite nice.

Some mixed vegetable spring rolls. A bit smaller than the ones back home but no scrimping on ingredients.

This was something I really wanted to try when I saw it on the menu, a lobster dumpling but it was unavailable so snapped this off the menu instead. Perhaps the lucky ones who tried it can tell me how it was!

Our lunch for 4 came up to about £190 including drinks & VAT. Overall verdict, dim sum was mediocre and overpriced. But if you’re big on presentation and ambience, this is a nice place to be dining at.

Ping Pong (www)
45 Great Marlborough Street
Soho W1F 7JL
Open : Mon-Sat 12pm-12am; Sun 12pm-1030pm

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Flatplanet, London

We were looking for breakfast around the Soho area when we spotted Flatplanet. As we entered to check out their handwritten menu on the blackboard, the guy behind the counter offered us a taste of their breakfast flatbread. And after that, we needed no further persuasion, heh.

So Flatplanet serves a range of wheat free spelt flatbreads with a variety of toppings but unfortunately for us, they only have the breakfast topping then. The other varieties are from lunch onwards. But whilst waiting, we enjoyed exploring around. The decor here is very much like the kitschy cafes that are slowly appearing in Malaysia – mismatched furniture, old school chairs, nolstagic olden day items… It was all very cosy. And I noticed another flight of stairs going down, where the washroom was located. But that was not all, they had a bigger seating area, with more retro furniture and even a pinboard with random snippets of stuff. How interesting. Could easily see myself spending time here with my friends, catching up.

So the only breakfast item was the All Day Breakfast flatbread which uses pancetta, free range egg, tomatoes, some brown sauce & onion marmalade as the topping. We loved it. Crispy flatbread base and fresh toppings was quite a winning combination.

And the coffee’s not bad too! Hope to be back again to try some other toppings!

Flatplanet (www)
37-39 Great Marlborough Street,
London, W1F

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