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TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar 2011

Ramadhan is nearing its end and I haven’t been inspired to visit any bazaars until last weekend. Roped in a friend and headed for one of the nearest ones to her, at TTDI. We were quite lucky to get parking as soon as we arrived.

I feel the market is smaller this round, maybe because it’s been shifted to span across one street instead of last year’s L shape stretch. Still, the crowd was impressive.

Colourful drinks calling out to passerbys.

Sup Gearbox stall.

Various lauk and kuih.

Nasi with ayam goreng berempah and Nasi Ambeng stall. The fried chicken looks really tasty and juicy…

My usual choice at the bazaar is Nasi Kerabu, and this time I had it with salted egg and bergedil. The rice is a bit clumpy but otherwise not too bad.

Pandan flavoured Putu Bambu. This stall has them in a green shade, which I hope is due to the pandanus leave, or probably colouring. Haha. This stall seems to do well and even has pre-packed ones so waiting time is cut down.

Satar, my favourite cone-shaped Terengganu snack is also available here. The guys manning the stall said they’re from Selayang, hence the name. We did buy some to try and tastewise, it was not too bad, thought a bit on the sweet side. 3 pieces for RM2.

This popiah basah stall was one of them doing brisk business so I expect it’s quite popular with those thronging this bazaar.

King of murtabaks. Haha.

Putu piring stall next to the grilled lamb stall. The putu piring stall is a regular I think, coz they were here last year too. I watched the boy behind the stall make the putu piring and was rather impressed with his deft fingers going at it. There’s also another grilled lamb stall in the bazaar but I think this was the original one from last year, selling the roti arab.

Various laksas and noodles.

Chicken kebab meat roasting. Looks promising, eh?

Ikan Bakar station.

Ayam Bakar.

Yummy cucur udang (prawn fritters) at RM2 for 3 pieces.

ABC Power!

A bread & butter pudding stall. They have come up with many creative flavours at RM 1.80 per slice. I went for the original and almond with peanut butter. I thought it was too milky and even the custard sauce didn’t really help. But still, the creativity in flavours was a plus.

I didn’t really buy too much stuff to try in comparison to previous years so this post is mostly pictures only. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Lol.

TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar
Along Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

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