Coffee in Love, Sri Hartamas

It was about a fortnight ago when I made an impromptu stop at this cafe as I was driving down the road from Plaza Damas. It has been intriguing reading up on write ups about this place but my biggest worry was the humidity. Luckily for us, the weather was beautiful that day and with the fans whirring away, I barely felt the heat. But then there were the mosquitoes…

They have just opened when we arrived and so we had the entire place to ourselves. There’s always some romanticism about dining in the garden but given our weather, I am always apprehensive of trying to eat outdoors unless there’s proper shade and ventilation. Here, they have tried their level best to create an refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The entire cafe was well shaded by plants and woven roofs etc. They have taken the same concept as many new cafes by recycling old chairs and tables which creates this very whimsical and sustainable environment. What was interesting was probably the splash of colours by the smatterings of decor such as the red watering can, wooden figurines, cushions and even knick knacks of yesteryears.

As they are only 1 or 2 of the co-owners here, self-service and self clean up is practiced here. They encourage you to order at the counter, collect when your hear the bell and then return the tray at the counter as you leave. Currently there don’t serve a full meal, but have some snacks like cupcakes, hot dogs and puffs. I found it interesting that they practiced the old way of keeping money in a tin attached to a pulley. Haha.

As they proudly recommend their Supremo coffee beans which are 100% whole Columbian beans, I decided to order a latte. The beans are mostly the same size, which helps with even roasting to better extract the aroma of the coffee beans.

Served in a mug, my latte was indeed very aromatic and flavourful which I fully appreciated. I find that some establishments serve very milky lattes but this had a nice balance between the espresso and milk.

My companion had the iced version, as it was beginning to warm up. They were also nice enough to supply us with a bottle of cold water, along with 2 jam jars doubling up as glasses.

They only serve light snacks at the moment and have quite an array of fillings for these puffs of which we tried 4 flavours; mushroom & onion, minced beef, mac & cheese and a potato version one. Order any 2 and you get a serving of coleslaw with them. The pastry was similar to that of curry puffs, only with alternative fillings. I would recommend the mushroom and beef one as the other 2 was maybe overloading on carbs a tad.

They also serve a range of homebaked cupcakes. And the range of flavours they offer are mostly complimentary to the distinctive flavours of coffee. We opted for the Guinness one as it seemed the most promising. Lightly infused with stout, the dark chocolate cupcake was quite a delight tastewise though I felt that it was very dense and heavy texturewise.

Generally the pricing is reasonable and they have a coffee and cupcake deal too so it’s a great place to have tea in the early evenings. They also cater for private BBQ dos at the cafe ranging from RM56-70 per pax.

Coffee In Love (www/FB)
c/o Eastern Nursery 132KV,
Jalan 1/70A,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS 3.166055,101.663811
Opening times: Tues-Fri, 2pm-7pm; Sat & Sun, 12noon-7pm. Closed Mondays

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  1. J2Kfm said

    They just reopened on Sunday, after closing for a week. Wondering what they have done in renovation works (as if the place needs more work?). Still, the cool weather as of late would be ideal.

    • yeah i heard about the “renovation” but haven’t been in the neighborhood so haven’t had a look.

  2. the iced version looks really cool! soon, kl will turn into melbourne in terms of the coffee culture. it won’t be long everyone will start talking about single origins and ristrettos. hehe

    • i can’t wait for that day! i mean, you can walk into most cafes in melbourne and get a decent cuppa and here, it’s like playing roulette. Lol.

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