Lezzet Lokantasi Kofteci Ali Usta’nin Yeri, Selçuk

Selçuk is the gateway to Ephesus, which is well known as the ruins of a Greek & later, a Roman city. By the time we got to Selçuk, it was past sunset and we found an inn to settle down. From what we saw as we were driving in, the town seemed on the small-ish side so we decided to walk around the area where our inn was to explore, but not before asking for a dinner recommendation.

One thing that really intrigued me was the storks’ nests on the nearby ruins! I later found out that the ruins were actually the remaind of a Byzantine aqueduct and the storks nest there year after year. Hmm, which explains all the bird poop. Lol.

As we were walking to the restaurant our innkeepers recommended, noticed that a lot of the shops were closed. But the teahouses were a buzzin! I have read about Turkish teahouses being the the men’s domain as they play backgammon while sipping on their çay. But to see it in action was quite something.

Typical start to a Turkish meal, ekmek or bread. Served with some local white cheese drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomatoes & spring onions. The cheese itself is really quite mild and was wonderful with the toasted bread.

A mixed salad of fresh green with beets. Crunchy & refreshing.

Skewered chicken with tomatoes and chunky fries. The chicken was juicy and very tasty.

We also had some Beef Kofte which was bouncy and flavourful.

The lamb chops, or pirzola was the highlight of our meal. Tender, moist and brimming with flavour. Even ordered a second portion as we cleaned this plate.

Complimentary fruits from the owner, perfect way of finishing the meal.

By the time we were done with our meal, it started drizzling so we walked back to our inn very quickly and watched some telly before calling it a night.

Lezzet Lokantasi Kofteci Ali Usta’nin Yeri Ev Yemekleri
Ataturk Mah. 25 Sk. No.18/N
Selçuk, Turkey.


  1. Are their strawberries locally planted? I’m curious to how they taste like. 🙂

    • yeah I think these are locally planted. If I remember correctly, very sweet!

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