Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Jalan Alor

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles is one of my must-eats whenever I have friends visiting Malaysia.

It is actually located along Tengkat Tung Shin which is parallel to Jalan Alor but most people don’t know the little road actually has a name. Besides, you can’t miss it anyway – not with a huge neon sign with a cow and words stating it as the “Famous Beef Noodle” placed on the rooftops while the little stall only has about 10 tables located on a five foot way!

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
We ordered their kon lo (dry) beef noodles. The noodles are springy the way I like them and the mince beef is as good as I remember first eating it back in 2002. And like with all good food, I don’t spend time trying to figure out what’s in it because I am scoffing it down by the mouthfuls. But if I had to put my finger on what makes the mince beef so good – I’d say some voodoo ganja. lol.

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
I also ordered some add ons – beef and pork balls on the side. They give you that extra chew when you eat in the same bite with the beef noodles. So what you get is an explosion of beefy goodness, best washed down with some clear soup (that doesn’t make you super thirsty, btw). Ngau Kee also does pork mince with lo shu fun and kway teow noodles in small, medium and large portions. Don’t forget to try it with their special chili sauce found on every table. Prices here starts from RM5 and add ons can go up to RM8.50.

Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles

They open til late so if you’re looking for an alternative to mamak and Bak Kut Teh, there is always Ngau Kee.

p/s: There is also a sugar cane stall next to Ngau Kee that does a great sugar cane juice with lemon!

Restoran Ngau Kee Famous Beef Noodles
Tengkat Tong Shin (parallel to Jalan Alor)
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



  1. This is my mom’s favorite beef noodle place before she married my dad and stopped having beef

  2. yeah this place is good! but when I am lazy to go down to kl, go to OUG to get my fix 🙂

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