D’naim Nasi Kukus, Pantai Dalam

Me: “This nasi kukus is quite possible the best nasi kukus I’ve ever had in my life!”
Friends: “Sure or not?”

lol. All my conversations with friends about this little nasi kukus (‘steamed rice’) stall located in Pantai Dalam starts with that expression.

Tucked amongst a row of stalls near the Pantai Dalam KTM Komuter station, D’naim is unassuming from afar. But I have driven past the stall often enough to see that it is constantly buzzing with customers – some seated with friends and others deciding to bungkus instead resulting in a short queue.

The rice is steamed to fluffy perfection served with special spicy sauce (a mix of chili, curry and sambal), a few slivers of cucumbers and the meat(s) of your choice. My pick is always the ayam goreng (fried chicken). You make your choice at the counter and watch it get packed in brown paper and banana leaves. There are no plates so it is all eco-friendly while forks and spoons are optional since nasi kukus is best eaten with your fingers. Regular mamak drinks are readily available, so just holler for it.

D’naim opens til late 🙂

Nasi kukus with ayam goreng berempah in awesome sauce

It is not too hard to find. Here’s the GoogleMap link. From the NPE from KL to PJ, take the Kampung Pantai Dalam turn off and you will see the stall on your left, shortly after the Pantai Dalam KTM Komuter station. Alternatively, if you are going through Gasing Indah, just go along Jalan 5/46 and Jalan 1/132 and Jalan Pantai Dalam (it’s a straight road) – slow down when you start seeing stalls on both sides of the narrow road, D’naim will be on the right.



  1. Jane said

    Yum yum…;p

  2. Gina said

    Salivating looking at it… isn’t normal rice is also steamed kah? haha

    • haha, i think these days most restaurants use rice cookers instead of steaming it over a fire.

  3. Nor fatihah said

    Sya bru nk niaga nasi kukus Utk cri pn don’t lbh… Tp sya x thu resepi yg best Utk ayam berempah n kuah nya… Klau x ksmpatn blh kngsi resepi x???

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