Restoran Siaw Kok Chun, Kajang

Apart from satay, Kajang is also famous for its lat tong (辣汤) or claypot spicy soup. So during one afternoon I happened to be in Kajang with some contractors, they wanted to bring me to something local to Kajang.

Siaw Kok Chun (Previously called Siaw Kah) is easily spotted with its new red signage and the lunch crowd was quite promising. And on almost every table are the signature claypot dishes which the patrons tuck into happily.

We had the spicy soup with chicken and also pork innards. It was not as peppery or spicy as I expected and fail a tad short of my expectations.

Also had Foh Bao Pork(火爆肉), which is essentially stir fried spicy pork belly. The pork belly is sliced thinly and fried so that it has a bit of a crispy crunch to it before being seasoned with the flavours of dried chillies, dried shrimps etc. I love the accompanying onions and spring onions. But I have had better version somewhere in Kajang years back which this can’t top.

Stir fried string beans with dried shrimps(贵豆苗). Can never go wrong with this though their version is rather oily.

Other noteworthy dishes the waitress mentioned would be the tilapia, fa tiew chicken (花雕鸡), vinegar pork trotter etc so there’s quite a bit to try. But overall, I don’t think I’ll be back in a rush, so the search for the best lat tong continues…

Restoran Siaw Kok Chun 萧家辣汤 (www)
278, Jalan Berjaya 9,
Taman Berjaya
43000 Kajang
Opens: 12pm-3pm; 5pm-9:15pm (Closed Wednesdays)

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  1. Ah pepper soup!

  2. clove hall said

    may i know is there any place to get this soup penang

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