The Hungry Hog, Subang SS15

I first learnt of Hungry Hog when a friend told us she bought Siew Yoke off a blogshop for our pot luck dinner that night. The crispy pork in the old school brown paper packaging coupled with the wonderful lime chilli condiment was the main discussion over dinner that night.

So when I got word that a cafe by the people behind Hungry Hog was opening in SS15, had to arrange for a visit with some porky lovers. The design of the cafe itself is simple, yet cosy. I personally loved the framed “words of wisdom” on the walls. Sure added a bit of humour to the dining experience. 😉

They are starting off with a simple menu but I am quite happy with the items offered.

Their signature is of course their Siew Yoke so we had to order a serving of their Siew Yoke Rice. The roast pork itself can also be ordered ala carta as a snack. But what we liked about the rice set was the fact that they had a little pickled carrots on the side to whet your appetite and the rice was topped with braised pork bits reminding one of Taiwan’s rice dish, 台式噜肉饭.

Phad Kao Muu, another rice based dish with minced pork and basil. I love the hint of spiciness the chillies give. If I had my way, would love more basil in these for that lovely aroma.

They offer 2 types of burgers, the Plain Jane and 3 Little Pigs. The names are genius. The recommended burger is the 3 Little Pigs which feature their own pork patty, crispy bacon and ham. The bun is baked by the chefs themselves and is quite light. My only gripe is perhaps the choice of ham used. For that, I prefer the Plain Jane which features the tender pork patty and cheese only.

Our favourite of the night was definitely the luscious ribs in char siew sauce. Served with a tropical salad featuring fresh pineapples, the tender, juicy meat was finger licking good. Chunky cuts, generous marinade maketh the dish indeed.

For those who want something other than pork, there’s the Guinness Beef Stew as well. The portion is quite substantial but some of the beef cubes were drier than others. But still overall very hearty and brimming with the flavour of the dark stout.

We also had sausages, with fennel I believe, but it came whilst we were all happily tucking in to the rest of the dishes so we kinda missed out on snapping a shot. But they were great, tasty meat with little filler.

The only have one dessert at the moment, brownies served with ice cream which I skipped. Coffee was a bit weak, in my opinion so opt for other drinks. But overall, good unpretentious food. I’m glad I work nearby so I can pop by whenever for lunch as they also offer lunch sets with drinks. Oink!

The Hungry Hog (www)
71, Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 2:30pm, 6:00 – 10:00pm (closed on Mondays)

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  1. Jane said

    Kamsiah for the recommendation…lol ;p Must go !!!!

  2. I love the pig pillow! Is that a pillow?

  3. gina said

    Ah… I miss the siew yok!

  4. jason said

    More reason to visit Subang, yay!

  5. […] came up to RM215.00. Don’t think any of us will be going back anytime soon. I had to eat in Hungry Hog for dinner just to make myself feel better. The redeeming factor for this place perhaps was the […]

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