Flatplanet, London

We were looking for breakfast around the Soho area when we spotted Flatplanet. As we entered to check out their handwritten menu on the blackboard, the guy behind the counter offered us a taste of their breakfast flatbread. And after that, we needed no further persuasion, heh.

So Flatplanet serves a range of wheat free spelt flatbreads with a variety of toppings but unfortunately for us, they only have the breakfast topping then. The other varieties are from lunch onwards. But whilst waiting, we enjoyed exploring around. The decor here is very much like the kitschy cafes that are slowly appearing in Malaysia – mismatched furniture, old school chairs, nolstagic olden day items… It was all very cosy. And I noticed another flight of stairs going down, where the washroom was located. But that was not all, they had a bigger seating area, with more retro furniture and even a pinboard with random snippets of stuff. How interesting. Could easily see myself spending time here with my friends, catching up.

So the only breakfast item was the All Day Breakfast flatbread which uses pancetta, free range egg, tomatoes, some brown sauce & onion marmalade as the topping. We loved it. Crispy flatbread base and fresh toppings was quite a winning combination.

And the coffee’s not bad too! Hope to be back again to try some other toppings!

Flatplanet (www)
37-39 Great Marlborough Street,
London, W1F

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  1. Such a simple combination but some kind of pork (bacon/ ham) + tomatoes with whatever else on top of the pizza = YUMS. 🙂

  2. Food for Think said

    Thanks for the link – great post. I absolutely LOVE Flat Planet!

  3. Such cafes are widespread in Melbourne!

  4. Gina said

    Look like such a quaint place to hang out!

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