Fat Spoon, Uptown DU

It was serendipity at work. It was a rainy evening when I stumbled upon Fat Spoon. Their quirky facade has quickly caught my eye with the random, mish mash use of furniture, and the entrance door! Their tagline “Grandma’s recipes + Good Coffee” only prompted me to take refuge here from the rain. And I’m glad to have finally found a flat white (RM6.90) that is not only beautiful to look at, but also to taste. Good coffee indeed! If only I stayed nearby, Fat Spoon will be my “Central Perk”. Heh.

there’s something about the interior of the restaurant that speaks out to me. and they’re right, it’s almost like going home, as memories of yesteryears, esp. those in my grandmother’s kitchen tugs my heartstrings when I spot the all too familiar formica dining table, wooden larder or the iron sewing machine legs. but do not be fooled by the eclectic pieces, as I can see much thought has been put into the planning of this restaurant. the proprietors know exactly how they want the place to look; nolstagic yet whimsical. and everytime I visit, they have reshuffled the furniture again, yet it only brings out the attention to detail the owners have put in. Like the zinc pieces covering the air-cond ducting, or the cloth tapestry above the bar counter, even the comics’ “wallpaper” spread across the washrooms’ walls. and i never knew how pipes could double up as “grill” until i saw the blue ones at the sides of the clear glass piece. And I can’t help to be tickled by the wooden fat spoon handle at the main door. Sheer brilliance!

Interior design aside, the other next best thing is probably the ever inviting smiles on the girls’ faces. The menu (in a Peter&Jane book!) also brings out a chuckle and sometimes while waiting for my friends to order, I flip through a few pages and keep myself entertained. But if the fonts are too small for you, they do have the dishes and specials listed on the wide blackboard. The cuisine here is mostly Nyonya with a twist, and probably the more modern, improved version of their grandmother’s recipes.

As soon as I spotted the Fried Ulam Rice (RM11.90) in the menu list, I knew I had to have it. Our family loves Nasi Ulam and have it quite often. The fried rice is fluffy and fragrant, telling of a very hot wok. However, we did wish that it was more “herby” as we found the delicate nuances of the herbs just a tad too subtle. However, I am sure this was done to accommodate the first timers who may not be too used to the taste. The accompanying fried chicken was flavourful and juicy so we quite enjoyed that.

Another dish we tried was the Fat Spoon Noodles (RM8.90) which is a soupy hor fun dish with minced chicken and vegetables. The stock was very tasty and I’d say it’s comfort food indeed.

Overall, the food here is simple and unpretentious. But most of all, I enjoy meeting friends here over a cuppa and would continue doing so as long as they serve “good coffee”. Hehe.

Fat Spoon (www)
73, Jln SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 – 7728 3323
Email: fatspooncafe@gmail.com
Closed Saturdays.

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  1. yup… located right beside HonKee Porridge! Wanted to try this place last week but ended up having Lam Mee instead

  2. mimid3vils said

    oh…the planks nailed on the door O.O

  3. Nice!Been hearing gd stuffs abt tis plc and quite consistently too!
    I’m gettin a gd vibe here!

  4. gina said

    Looks good! Perhaps we shall go there some day – with Takeshi.

  5. jason said

    Love the decor there 🙂
    Will drop by again for lunch since it is quite near to my office.

  6. Jac said


    I would like to share with fellow bloggers a cafe specializing in espresso coffee in Mont Kiara.

    The highlight of this cafe is that all its coffee whether it is latte, flat white or cappuccino, cost only RM3!

    Email me for the location of this cafe. I can be reached at daniel.ristretto@gmail.com or 012-5281679.


  7. Great info. Gotto to go check out this place. Thanks.

  8. nikel said

    look yummy

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