USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar

This year’s Subang SS18 bazaar seemed a little lacklustre to me, so I decided to visit the USJ 4 one instead. Getting there after work was easier and quicker than I expected. I saw some returning stalls from my last visit which looks rather promising.

Fried lekor (RM1 for 5 pcs) and deep fried cempedak fritters (RM2 for 5 pcs). I love the latter, esp. if the fruit is very ripe as it will mean a rich tasting, sweet fritter. Some of the ones I bought here were not ripe enough though but the lekor was lovely.

Johor noodles stall. A friend mentioned having mee bandung earlier in the day and I have been thinking of it. The peanut based gravy had a strong prawn stock flavour, and was quite thick. Somehow, the taste reminded me of eating prawn noodles.

The returning stall of Lazat Food Services’ roti bom and murtabak were back, and judging from the queue in front of the stall, their food is still as good as before. The roti bom were yummy, crisp on the outside and wonderfully buttery on the inside. At RM1 each, it’s a steal.

Mak Wan’s kelantanese stall is also back and this time, we tried the nasi dagang. At RM5 a pack with the chicken drumstick, the side pickles were appetite whetting!

This stall was selling chinese muslim food and featured noodles, singaporean style vermicelli and some pasta.

Even ramadhan bazaars have not escaped the influence of Taiwanese deep fried chicken fillets! This stall also offered the spring potato chips and deep fried hot dog rolls.

Roasted lambs are all the rage at ramadhan bazaars these days, huh? This stall was solely selling that, and calling it “Kambing Golek”. By the time I passed by, only this remaining bit was over the roast pit so I reckon they did good for the day.

This murtabak stall was also popular. As the queue formed, they had two separate cooking stations and still, orders could not be filled fast enough. I noticed that instead of pouring the filling into the dough and cooking it over the heat, they cooked the eggy filling first! Then, the pre-cooked filling is wrapped up and pan-fried till the skin is lightly brown and crisp. RM2.50 each.

Corn stall – steamed or grilled first, then buttered. RM1.50 each.

There were a lot of rice stalls. Nasi Briyani, Nasi Campur, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Kukus etc…

And yes, kuih stalls. Somehow I forgot about the allure of popiah, both basah and deep fried until I spotted this stall in USJ4’s Ramadhan bazaar. They also had tepung pelita and karipap.

For sweets, Putu Piring Warisan is also back. So expect fluffy rice cakes with the smokey, sweet palm sugar. I also spotted a stall selling my favourite kek batik but it was way too sweet to be enjoyable. So I guess my quest to find the perfect kek batik continues… hehe.

USJ 4 Ramadhan Bazaar
Along USJ 4/5
47600 Subang Jaya



  1. I like Subang’s bazaars very lacklustre. In fact SS18’s pixs are still in the folder as it looks so miserable I didn’t dare post it.

  2. gina said

    Roti Bomm only RM1?? very tai lor!

  3. AK said

    How do people manage to fast all day in Ramadan with all that delicious food all over the streets?!

    AK (Pride Go Go Elite)

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