Bavarian Bierhaus, Jaya 33

Yup, another German restaurant review. Wow, I seem to be on a roll here, or maybe there’s something magical about porky dishes that call out to me. Lol.

There are a couple of Bavarian Bierhaus outlets around, with the most notable in The Curve, I believe. The Jaya33 outlet is a tad dim, but is supposed to mirror a Bavarian tavern. We chose to sit at one of the booth seats instead of at one of the higher barstools.

To start, we had the Scallops and Proscuitto Ham (RM18). Served with toasted sourdough bread, a whole picked gherkin, and some fresh salad leaves, the scallops are wrapped with prosciutto ham and skewered. It was indeed a sound choice as the saltiness of the ham was perfect with the fresh scallops.

I wasn’t really looking for anything “organic” as I really doubt that pork can be considered organic even. But the description of this organic pork loin (RM56) got me drooling so I ended up ordering this. Served with stewed pears and dried apricot slices, the fruits added a twist to the otherwise savoury flavour of the pork. My only gripe was that the meat was drier than I liked.

And no visit to a german restaurant is complete without ordering the pork knuckle (RM58), yeah? We shared the garlicky one that was served with mash, broccoli and mushrooms. The crispy skin crackles as the knife goes through it and the meat was really well-flavoured and tender. The portion is good enough to share as the size actually looks quite intimidating when it’s first served.

We were so stuffed by the end of the meal yet couldn’t resist having something sweet and we went for the apple strudel (RM12) which was not bad, but not memorable in comparison to that from House Frankfurt’s.

Bavarian Bierhaus
Lot No. PG-01A, Ground Floor,
Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat,
Section 33, Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-7960 5736
Fax: 03-7960 5746
Open daily 11am – midnight

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  1. mimid3vils said

    I’ll order sausages if I visit a German restaurant, avid fans of sausages here đŸ˜›

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