Meng Key, Kuantan

We actually read about this place in a write up in a chinese daily and noted it down since we knew we were going to be in Kuantan. To us, the restaurant itself is at quieter part of Kuantan , in Medan Warisan which is opposite from Giant Hypermarket on the way to Gambang. But the restaurant is known to serve a wide range of freshwater fish and sea fish which was deserving of a visit.

For a restaurant specialising in fish, even the ice tong was in the shape of a fish 😛

To start we had sayur manis with egg (RM10). Interestingly, wolfberries (kei chi, 枸杞) were added in to the stir-fry. Not bad, but a tad salty.

Also we had tofu topped with diced chicken, dried prawns and spring onions (RM12). Basic dish, but the fragrant topping really blended well with the otherwise bland local tofu.

We wanted another freshwater fish initially but since we were only 2 and many of the fishes were of a more substantial size, we ended up with steamed Kerai / Krai fish (RM35). The fish had a lot of fine bones, which we don’t mind, but it had flesh that was a bit mushy and we thought it wasn’t fresh enough as we realised that most of their fish were in fact frozen. However, it was not until later that our friend, who’s a freshwater fish enthusiast confirmed that Kerai fish have mushier flesh.

So if you’re looking for freshwater fish in Kuantan, this restaurant does have a lot of choice, but try to go in a bigger group as some of the fish are quite big and is meant for more people to share. And, this place is also pork free.

Meng Key 明記海鮮飯店
G 15, Ground Floor,
Block J, Medan Warisan,
Lorong Seri Teruntum,
25100 Kuantan,
Open : Daily 11am-3pm; 5.30pm-9.30pm
except Weds 11am-3pm & Sundays 6.30-9.30pm



  1. gina said

    The price for the fish is rather steep, I say! Come on over to Selayang, I bring you to nice fish restaurant. 😀

  2. J said

    Somehow the tongs remind me more of a crocodile! 🙂

  3. even though I’m from Kuantan… I hardly know places to eat as my aunt always cook for me whenever I go back!

  4. AK said

    Looks great but must be disappointing to pay RM35 for a fish and not enjoy it!


    Will keep that in mind!

    AK (Pride Go Go Elite)

  5. Stone said

    There is another nice seafood restaurant with good tasty dishes. The fresh water fish you can choose while they are still swimming around in the aquarium. Price is extremely reasonable. Maybe the same RM35 I would guess. BUT its not pork free. They even have wild boar meat served. The name is HOWIN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT…….. situated along Jln Air Putih just next to Kemaman Kopitiam Air Putih. You can also “google earth” this resto

  6. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and I should say I am beginning to like your posts. How do I subscribe to your site?

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