Subak, Bkt. Lanjan KL.

I have been meaning to try out Subak for sometime now but its location seemed so out of bounds for me. But since my makan buddy is game we headed towards Bukit Lanjan and after some narrow roads we finally spotted the place. There’s no parking within the restaurant grounds so we settled for a roadside curb.

I reckon we were one of the first patrons for the evenings as the sun was only beginning to start to set. And that set the whole garden in this lovely golden hue and we couldn’t wait to explore the grounds. It’s quite a romantic garden restaurant but mosquitoes were also everywhere which spoilt it a bit for us.

We were planning to order the Indonesian food but ended up with mostly Western instead.

Started off with the Gado-Gado (RM12). The emping was a nice touch and we were appreciative of the generous amount of peanuts in the peanut sauce. But my friend’s mum did think it was too spicy and covered the delicate flavour of the vegetables.

One of our mains was the Cod Fish (RM50). Served with only one prawn and some vegetables and baby potatoes, I would say that the price was quite steep. Tastewise, it didn’t really impress us much.

The Lamb (RM46) looked more promising and was served with sweet potato mash and some greens. Though the creamy texture of the mash was a winner with us, we found the lamb a bit too tough and hard to tear off the bones so it was another dish that failed to impress.

We loved the atmosphere the place exudes but we weren’t won over by the food to be honest. Which is a pity considering that I would love to come back again and again just to be soaked in the tranquility this place offers.

Subak (www)
Lot 3213 Jalan Penchala Indah,
Bukit Lanjan 60000
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7729 9030 / 31
Open daily 11am-12am

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  1. too bad abt the food and mozzies. The mozzies seem to attack just at twilight. Come at nite and it’s relatively mozzie-free. If yr friend’s mum prefers a less spicy gado gado sauce, IR1968’s version will appeal to her tastebuds.

  2. J said

    Pity about the attacking mozzies! (and the unimpressive food…) – the place looks so beautiful….

  3. mimid3vils said

    The amount of $ paid 80% was to the environment~~

  4. gina said

    Hmmph.. mozzies ah… a bit susah. Yes, mossies tend to attack during the twilight time.. especially aedes! Better use insect repellent then.

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