IR1968, KL

it was really a lovely weekend. my makan buddy was in town and i could whisk her off to some places I have been dying to try. Terrace at Hock Choon has 4 restaurants under its helm, with a coffee place and 3 bars. The ultimate F&B place, eh?

IR1968 was started in 1968 in Hong Kong, serving Indochine food. So do not be too surprised to find a fair bit of chinese dishes alongside Indonesian ones in the menu. It was very quiet despite it being near lunch time and for a brief moment, I wondered if the place was even open. It looks like we were too early as by the time we were done, groups of families and couples started coming in. Whitewashed furniture with colourful cushion pads mixed with some woody furniture with splashes of red from the ceramic lampshades was welcoming enough. But my favourite pieces were the framed copper batik tjaps (stamps) on the wall.

To start we had the appetizer platter (RM12/pax), which is up to the Chef’s selection for the day. We were served the beef perkedel (potato croquette), Perkedel jagung (sweetcorn fritters), popiah and fried chicken wing. The chicken wing and sweetcorn fritter were clear winners, though I thought the wing was a tad too tiny to be properly enjoyed. The sweetcorn fritter had crispy edges, but retained the moistness and sweetness that the corn niblets gave.

The beef croquette and popiah, though tasty were less memorable than the other two. But we did look forward to the mains after starting off with these.

Meehoon goreng (RM18) or Fried rice vermicelli with seafood was fragrant with the lingering aroma of kicap manis, fresh seafood and a mean sambal.

Semur Lidah (RM32.00) or grilled ox tongue was clearly the highlight of our meal. Tender and literally melting in one’s mouth, it’s almost like eating fois gras. We reckon the gravy (fragrant and aromatic with galangal and nutmeg) was a tad too salty, but the texture of the tongue won us over. And intriguingly, the side item with this dish was boiled tapioca in mayonnaise, which did balance out the gravy. If tongue is not akin to fear factor for you, this is a must order.

The Taufu Goreng Telur (RM18) was a tofu omelette where tofu chunks were enveloped by whisked egg and topped with fresh bean sprouts, julienned carrots, cucumber and served with peanut sauce. The egg omelette was beautifully done with lightly crisp edges but overall, the taste was somewhat bland without the peanut gravy there to save the day.

To end with a sweet note, we opted for the Bubur Ketan Hitam and Ice Cream (RM12) or black glutinous rice dessert with a scoop of yam/taro ice-cream. Rich and smooth, we particularly enjoyed the combination of the warm rice with the coldness of the ice-cream.

The lunch was made better when we walked down to the Illy Cafe and finished with a superb cuppa and great conversation…and I bet I’ll be returning to Terrace very soon again.

IR 1968 (www)
Terrace at Hock choon
241-N, Lorong Nibong
Off Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. J2Kfm said

    Beautiful place this one, read this from boo’s blog before.

    Nice combination of Chinese-Malay-Indon flavours?

  2. J said

    Oh wow. The place looks lovely! And your pics are so nice (as usuallll…)
    šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  3. jason said

    Pretty place! My friends went to Fukuharu the other day (same row I think), and they liked the place a lot.

  4. gina said

    Wah.. a bit too expensive for some local dishes which you can get in pasar malam lor.. maybe not the ox tongue lah. But the ambiance is really nice though.

  5. looks like the place to go for nice clear bright pictures! i think i would like the ox tongue dish

  6. Hmm..seems tht it is more or less the same dishes by each reviews I hv read so far. Limited items on the menu?

  7. […] 5, 2010 at 3:26 pm · Filed under Eating Out, Food We were actually heading to IR1968 for lunch again but it was closed for a private function so we decided to try another restaurant, […]

  8. Fong said

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