The Cottage Restaurant, Kuantan

The Cottage is well-known by the locals for its Petai fried rice and comes highly recommended. Curious about it, we decided to drop by after spotting it nearby our client’s office. Strangely enough, The Cottage is called “Fatt Kee” (發記) in chinese which doesn’t really correspond with anything cottage. The restaurant is air-conditioned and a hanging bunting states the menu which ranges from all kinds of chinese dishes, but no pork is served.

We decided to go with the recommended fish, Petai fried rice (RM5). It’s everything I think Fried Nasi Lemak would taste like. Crunchy ikan bilis, rice evenly coated with the sambal and egg, and petai cooked just right. It was indeed everything I expected of this dish.

If you want a healthier option to the Petai fried rice, there’s also petai fried rice vermicelli aka petai free beehoon (RM5). Plus, they add bean sprouts for that extra crunch.

To balance out the fried rice/beehoon, we also ordered a portion of mixed vegetables (RM5.50) which was not overcooked and had the lingering aroma of wok hei.

Judging from the lunch crowd and the many dishes they ordered, this establishment has stood the test of time. However I had a slight issue with the poor ventilation in the restaurant which bore a slight damp smell that hits you hard as soon as you enter. But the petai fried rice is worth trying for sure.

The Cottage Restaurant 發記
63 Jln Haji Abdul Aziz
25000 Kuantan


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  1. minchow said

    Any place that serves petai perfectly cooked is a friend of mine! OK, Kuantan here I come!

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