Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant, Kuantan

We stumbled upon this place by accident. We were driving down the stretch of Jalan Beserah when we looked to our left at one of its many traffic light stops and spotted the crowd. Curiosity got the better of us and we made a quick turn into the road and found ourselves seated soon after.

The steamed catfish (清蒸白须公) was very fresh and had a succulent texture that was delightful.

Knowing that I love yam, they ordered the Yam Ring with spare ribs in fruit sauce (佛砵飘香) for me. Light and fluffy, the yam ring was quickly polished off. The ribs were a bit tough but flavourful enough. Would have been perfect if the meat was more tender to bite.

One of the signature dishes here is the Beggar’s Chicken (富贵药材鸡). Their version is very soupy, which is great for those who love herbal soup. My only grouse is that it’s very oily despite brimming with the heartiness of the chinese herbs. The chicken was so tender that it was falling off it’s bones.

Their signature tofu dishes were the sizzling tofu with salted fish and dried radish (梅香豆腐 & 菜香滑豆腐). Both were tasty in their own way and used diced chicken. Personally I preferred the one with the salted fish as the aroma was very inviting.

The stewed Pork Knuckle with mushrooms (香菇焖猪手) was a big hit with the men and I can understand why considering the tender, juicy meat with gelatinous skin. They also have other ways of cooking the pork knuckle, including one with ginkgo and another with beancurd skin.

The guys also loved the deep fried salt baked chicken (香炸盐焗鸡) which is crisp on the outside but juicy on the inside. The pre-marinated and pre-cooked chicken was deep fried to give this tasty, savoury, finger-licking good pieces.

We were pleasantly surprised with how affordable the meal was. The above dishes were less than RM120 and portions were ample for our group of 8. Other notable dishes were the stirfried black pepper ostrich, steamed kampung chicken and Thai style steamed fish. We also enjoyed their bottled boiled sugar cane drinks and kat zhai shun mui (lime with sour plum). So far, this restaurant is one of the better ones I have tried in Kuantan so we’ll definitely be making our way back here again and again.

Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant 关丹乞丐鸡海鲜饭店
Lot 7696, Jalan Kubang Buaya,
Off Jalan Beserah,
25300 Kuantan.
Open Daily 5pm-12am

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  1. gina said

    wah.. that’s dirt cheap!! RM120 nia??? for 8??? It’s a steal! I am salivating at the sight of the tofu… and I am so hungry now.

    epicuriousgirl says: yes, this place serves good food for a very good price. my carpenters come here almost every night!

  2. J2Kfm said

    Isn’t Beserah the name of the village where they filmed the local production, Woo Hoo?
    Love some of the unconventional picks.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, that’s the place. the village is slightly further up though, before Pak Su.

  3. joe said

    jalan beserah and beserah are 2 diff place

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