Pak Su, Beserah Kuantan

Pak Su’s Seafood Restaurant is probably one of the most famous ones in Kuantan. It’s on the way to Beserah, and has an al fresco dining area facing the sea. Those tables are constantly being reserved though but we were lucky to snag a table. It was nice hearing the sound of the waves and feeling the cool breeze, but since night has fallen, all we could see beyond was pitch dark nothing. Haha.

Trying to get someone to attend to us, to even take our orders was painfully slow. Whilst waiting, we were kept entertained by this young schoolgirl (on a field trip with the rest of her schoolmates) who was so freaked out by cats that she stood on her chair screaming. I think it was the screaming that finally caught the attention of the waiters and finally we could order.

Signature tofu dish. It was not bad, with deep fried silky smooth egg tofu.

Gong Bou Mantis Prawn. Though it was evenly coated and tasted pretty good, the mantis prawn flesh was barely to be seen. I think I tasted more dough than mantis prawn so I wasn’t too impressed with this.

Stuffed crabs are well known along the east coast stretch though the most famous one is situated in Kemaman. At RM6 each, we decided to give it a try to see what the fuss is about. The crab meat has all been removed and stuffed back in and deep fried. It was pretty tasty though portion was a tad small. But still, this would be easy for those we find de-fleshing crabs a hassle. But for me, part of the enjoyment of eating crabs is the slow process of getting out the flesh.

The Steamed Assam fish was rather appetite whetting and fresh. I quite like the tamarind sauce too.

Once again it was difficult trying to get someone to bring us the bill so I went to the counter instead. Prices were comparable to KL which is a tad pricey by Kuantan standards. Still, it was really more for the hype than the food for us. If I were to come back again, I think I’ll just order fresh oysters which were just so enticing when I saw them in the tank on my way out…

Pak Su Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd (www)
4/1417, Batu 6, Lot 922,
Kg. Bahagia Beserah,
26100 Kuantan,

other reviews;
i ask you to try


  1. KY said

    i wanna have stuffed crab now!

  2. gina said

    so keng one ah? Some more got website. Haha! I think it’s the same everywhere.. order lambat, kira lambat.

  3. Elise Ng said

    Worst attitude lady boss i’ve ever seen…. food is not all that good & pricey… … the restaurant has very bad set up, it give you unpleasant experience with strong wind kept blowing at your face.. & especially when it rains, water is all over the place .. the floor was so slippery, a kid fall down .. i swear i’ll never go there again !!!

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