Le Croissant du Moulin, Perth

Heading to this place warrants a pleasant drive up Gooseberry Hill. The patisserie is not that big and they have a few tables, mostly at the al fresco area.

Bestie highly recommended the Almond Croissant. And truly, it was delicious even if I am not a huge fan of all products of the almond nut save for it being in its original state. The croissant pastry was flakey and buttery, pure comfort food.

We also had a Mushroom quiche and it was served with fresh salad. Eggy yet creamy, this was also rather delightful though I found the crust at the end a tad dry.

Can’t recall what this pie is at all. Chicken something … hehe. But that’s not to say it wasn’t good. Same pastry as the croissant, in all its buttery goodness, or should I say sinfulness?

This pastry is another to look out for. The Jesuite pastry was named after the triangular Jesuit’s hat and is filled with frangipane cream and topped with powdered sugar and almond flakes. If you love all almond-flavoured things, this will be the pastry for you. Moist, fragrant filling, a tad sweet perhaps but balance it with a cuppa and you’re set. However that being said, almond-flavoured things were never really my thing so I did enjoy the savoury items more.

Le Croissant du Moulin (www)
169 Railway Road,
Gooseberry Hill, 6076
Open Wed-Sun : 7:30am-5pm
Closed Mon/Tues

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  1. gina said

    I always think the best croissants are the ones that melt in your mouth! I don’t remember where I ate such croissants before!

  2. Chris Kruger said

    This link to the website is wrong btw. That is some other joint.

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