Johnny’s Quality Fish Bar, Perth.

For some weird reason, everytime I am in Perth, I have a craving for fish & chips. Strange, no? It’s not even like the aussies came up with this dish, but with the number of British folks now living down under the number of chippys have grown. One of the takeaways around the neighborhood was reputed to have one of the best fish & chips so we headed there.

Johnny’s Quality Fish bar serves all kinds of deep fried & grilled seafood including prawns, calamari, scallops, mussels, oysters etc but it was the good ole fish fillets that I was looking for. Even then, they have snapper, shark fillets, mackerel or other premium fish. The menuboard states that Johnny hails from Greece and started this joint in 1965.

Thick cut fries, freshly fried slabs of fish….yum. Craving’s satiated for the time being. Hehe.

Johnny’s Quality Fish Bar
1c Barker Ave
Como, Perth
Western Australia, 6152



  1. J said

    Oh man that looks GOOD. 🙂 🙂 😀

  2. Christy said

    Oh ya, fish & chips are indeed one of the must-try when you are in Australia or particularly in Perth!
    It’s definitely fresh and just different from what we taste elsewhere…you’re making me crave for it, now that yours is satiated :p

  3. looks fabulous. crispiness is key! LOL

  4. I miss having good fish & chips. Especially the beer battered ones.

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