Rifo’s Cafe, Perth

My flight to Perth arrived pretty early and Rifo’s open from 7am onwards so we headed there for breakfast. It’s relatively empty given the early hour but the red accents everywhere sure was a perk-me-up. They serve quite a fair bit of breakfast dishes, and casual italian cuisine such as pasta, pizza etc but we decided to go to the foccacia sandwiches to share.

This is the toasted New York with filling consisting of ham, salami, sundried tomatoes, eggplant and pesto mayo. Served with a side salad. Pretty generous with the filling, I’d say.

My choice was Seattle as I am a bit fan of smoked salmon and avocado. Hehe. But apart from that, they had additional ingredients that goes well with the salmon such as capers and creme cheese.

Service was ok but I found the telly a tad distracting. Still, given the extensive menu and long hours (by Perth standards), this is still worthy of a visit.

Rifo’s Cafe (www)
Maylands Outlet : 189 Guildford Road
East Vic Park Outlet : 933 Albany Highway
Open 7am-10pm

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  1. awesome choice of smoked salmon and avocado! that’s my favourite too 😀

  2. mimid3vils said

    wow the filling so thick O.O!!

  3. gina said

    I tengah mengidam for a nice sandwich now.. Will have to go have breakfast of portobello mushrooms focacia one of these days.

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