Grand Palace, Perth.

The wedding dinner was held at Grand Palace, a contemporary Chinese restaurant in Perth, very near the Bell Tower. Wedding dinners there are bit more punctual than the Malaysian ones, and mixed with some western culture…

The very contemporary design of the private function rooms. However, the area we occupied was a tad more conventional and less well-lit. But there as a small dance floor in front of the bar counter which saw the newlyweds doing their first dance and the guests following suit.

The entree platter consisting of Crispy salt & Chilli Beancurd (椒鹽豆腐角), Sliced Jelly fish (海蜇) on cucumber salad (涼拌青瓜) and deep fried oyster (炸蠔). Nice start and good variation though I think most of us at our table enjoyed the oyster the most. Hehe.

Next up was the Fish Maw Soup (魚肚羹). This was a tad bland in my opinion but had quite a bit of ingredients in it to make it value for money. Haha.

The Singapore Chilli Lobster with Bun (星洲辣汁龍蝦) was very good. Finger licking good! And the deep fried bun was perfect for dipping up all the sweet, slightly spicy sauce.

I really enjoyed the Grilled Dorper Lamb cutlet “Xin Jiang” style (手抓新疆羊扒) which featured heavily on the spices cumin, coriander, chilli, giving it a Mongolian taste. The Dorper lambs are known for their tenderness and this was very much evident in these cutlets. Probably the highlight of my meal here.

Here, we have Tiger Prawn “Wasabi Style” (日式青芥辣蝦球) and Steamed Scallop in shell with ginger & shallot (蒸姜葱帶子). The wasabi taste wasn’t overpowering on the juicy prawns, so it was rather delightful. The scallop was topped with clear rice noodles, and was rather oily, which we suspect was to keep the noodles from clumping together. But that oiliness somehow spoilt this dish a tad. Otherwise it would have been another sweet tasting dish considering the freshness of the scallops.

Steamed Patagonian Tooth Fish (清蒸銀雪魚), also known as the chilean sea bass. Served with broccoli florets. Fresh and tasty.

Last up was the Scallop & Avocado Fried Rice (帶子牛油果炒飯) which sounded so intriguing to me when I spotted it on the menu at first. Light and fluffy, but the avocado taste was subtle so this was still very much a “Yang Chow Fried Rice” with the egg, spring onions etc. But the scallop chunks definitely added an oomph to it. But as the last dishes on Chinese wedding banquets go, we were too stuffed to have more than a few spoonfuls.

For desserts, we were served Crispy sweet potato pancake with ice cream. It did cross my mind that the sweet potato pancake was the fried red bean pancakes (锅饼) we have back here and it turns out I wasn’t too far off. But the sweet potato filling is the twist from the boring red bean paste.

What a wedding dinner it was. Yummy food, fun guests, great company. Worth flying in for! Hehe. And to the newlyweds, wishing you both many many happy years ahead with much love.

Grand Palace 帝苑 (www)
3 The Esplanade,
Western Australia.



  1. mimid3vils said

    fried rice with avocado, new to me ~~

  2. gorgeous place .. love the ceiling and the deco!

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