Good Fortune Roast Duck House, Perth

The Chinese New Year has come and passed, and even February has passed by in a flurry! Much has been happening on the home front, esp. with the elderly so I have been kept busy. So we’re starting with some more from the backlog…

Was in Perth, Australia for a wedding during last year’s Christmas season. This is the one of the rare few restaurants that was open in Perth on Christmas Day and lucky for me as it’s known to be one of the best roast ducks in town! My friends like to refer to this place as “Chop! Chop!” due to the speed of the chopping knife in fulfilling orders.

We started off with Peking Duck. The crispy-skinned slices of duck are placed on pancakes and served with spring onions, cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce. Delish though I felt that the pancakes were a tad too thick. But the meat was juicy and the greens crunchy.

We also had a portion of Roast Duck with its tender and juicy flesh. Pleasure having this. The locals tout this one of the best in Perth!

The Siew Yoke was rather good too. Crispy skin, even layers of meat and fat.

We also had one of their specialties, the Salt & pepper Smelt which was full of roe. And it was delightful scooping up the remnants of spring onions, onions, chilli and fried bits to go with the rice as they are already well-flavoured.

They were having a lobster noodles promotion as $35 only so we decided to take that up. I believed this is 2 portions, which is more than enough for our table of about 10. We did make a change by asking for yee mee which didn’t turn out as well as we hoped as the gravy caused the noodles to become soft and clumpy. The gravy was a tad bland too but I did enjoy the succulent lobster flesh all the same. However if given the chance, I would rather cook the lobster in another way to better enjoy it but this dish was good value indeed.

All in all, I can see why this restaurant is indeed one of the better Chinese restaurants locals in Perth frequent. Nothing fancy, but the steady stream of people in this small and intimate place does prove that authentic food paired with reasonable prices is still the main appeal here.

Good Fortune Roast Duck House 德興燒鴨店 (www)
344 William St.
Open: 10am-10pm. Closed Tuesdays.

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  1. i had a truly shitty lousy duck yday that I won’t even blog. u r so LUCKY woman!!!

  2. I find it interesting that the yee mein is so thin. Usually, in my area, they look so thin! At first I thought these were thin egg noodles for wonton noodles. Just had almost all of these items for Chinese New Year. 🙂

  3. natashalam said

    i love the roast duck here! they also have a nice duck noodle with crispy noodle which I always order when I eat there.
    i ordered the lobster special before too (it seems to be on offer the whole year round! haha) and same as you, thought the sauce was bland..didn’t quite enjoy this dish.

  4. gina said

    WL & Yip are going to Perth this April. Guess they can try this out!

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