Snacking in Kyoto.

As mentioned, made some travels last month and was in Japan for a couple of days. We made a pit stop in Kyoto whilst on the way to Hakone. We only had time to visit the Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺), which is a UNESCO heritage site. Despite it being “winter”, the autumn colours was still in full bloom and it was really a pretty sight.

real vs the fake

On the way to the temple is a shopping street, selling all kinds of souvenirs, snacks etc. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a geisha! But there are many shops renting out kimonos etc so that one can dress up and walk around and take photos.

This stall was selling hot steamed green tea buns and beef buns, each going for ¥300. The green tea buns were filled with a generous red bean filling, with some green tea paste in the middle. It was great eating this warm, tasty bun in the cold wind.

Another shop we popped into was “Dipper Dan” which sold crepes with all kinds of sweet & savoury filling. Chose a chocolate & banana one which filled me up quite quickly. But it was definitely yummy!

It was a pity that our stop in Kyoto was so brief. From what I can see through the coach’s glass windows, this place is full of untold stories and photo opportunities. Definitely on my return list!


  1. if you spot a geisha in gion, you are considered damn lucky!

  2. still havent even been to japan yet!

  3. Agnes said

    Ok, now I feel inspired to go to Japan! :P~~~~~

  4. gina said

    That’s an awesome shot of the falling autumn leaves! The white girl looked weird in geisha costume. Haha!

  5. mimid3vils said

    hot bun + cold weather = shiok!!!

  6. I would love to be able to travel to Japan. The crepe looks delicious. I’m a first time visitor but I will surely return!

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