Nyonya Restaurant, SS2

This is an old establishment that has been here for years and has undergone a facelift since I last ate there. Driving past the other day, decided to pop in again to see how the changes fare.

Clean lines in the interior.

This is the Gulai Tumis fish. The fish was cooked in this sour tamarind gravy with lady’s fingers (okra) and pineapple and garnished with laksa leaves, or more known as daun kesom. Piquant and slighly spicy, this dish can be addictive once paired with white rice.

We also tried the Beef rendang. Flavourful but the meat was not as tender as I would like it.

Ordered sayur paku or fiddlehead ferns which were stir-fried with succulent prawns. Crisp and fresh, enjoyed this too.

It’s comforting to know that this place’s food has remained consistent over the years. And they do have quite an array of other dishes to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Nyonya Restaurant (www)
52, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

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  1. J said

    Thanks for the link!
    … and for the reminder – haven’t been there for a while… would be great to revisit. 🙂

  2. Hmm..missing Nyonya food…but not much authentic ones in KL..hope this fares well!

  3. long time since i ate here!

  4. mimid3vils said

    spicy spicy, all spicy food eh…

  5. Mcfadden said

    Indulge Cafe = http://bestcafeindulge.com/ . Give a try a new opening cafe at Kuchai Lama KL. They serving top selling Mille Crepe and plenty delicious food

  6. i like nyonya food.. once in 3 mths maybe? LOL.. but always good!

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