Pizza Italia, Seremban

We were brought to this Italian eatery owned by a husband & wife duo. The place was rather packed during lunch time despite this place being the “industrial area” of Seremban 2.

To start we had the Cream Mushroom Soup (RM5) & Garlic Bread (RM3). Very creamy soup, but not as homecooked as I hoped it would taste. But still, great for dipping the garlic bread in.

We also shared a Caesar Salad (RM 8) with beef bacon. Very generous for the price and it was delectable. The beef bacon bits were a bit more tough to bite and not as crispy as I’d like it but I still enjoyed the salad.

Pasta dishes were plentiful on the menu but we wanted something simple and light. The Aglio Olio spaghetti with Prawns (RM13) was very flavourful. The spaghetti was a tad softer than I usually had it but the combination of the fragrance of olive oil and garlic pieces made this a very robust and satisfying dish. Love the touch of fresh basil leaves that gave an extra oomph.

They have quite a variety of pizza here and the Piccante Pizza (Large at RM19) caught our eye simply due to the addition of the egg. With salami, capsicum etc, this was quite yummy fresh out of the oven. Not bad indeed.

We had the last Tiramisu (RM8) available for the lunch crowd, which probably says something about this dessert’s popularity. Once again, it exceeded my expectations from this little eatery. Not too soggy and with the right balance of cheese, coffee & cocoa.

Overall, it was a rather pleasant meal and the prices were very reasonable so if we were to find ourselves in the area again, we’d definitely be back for more.

Pizza Italia
480, Jalan Haruan 4/4.
Oakland Commercial Centre, (near Columbia Asia Hospital)
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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  1. J2Kfm said

    quite reasonable, for those portions and quality served aint shabby.

  2. reasonable is good! and if the food rocks, even better!

    oh ya, btw, pls could you kindly update our site link to (pls ignore if you have!)

  3. for an industrial area, looks like its an upgrade over the usual chap fan..

  4. mimid3vils said

    the salad very big in portion huh~~ especially the bacon given…wau!!

  5. i m going to taste it in this afternoon! =)

  6. fireflyz said

    any delivery service? do they have their own website?

  7. pizza italia said

    fireflyz : for the time being we dont have any
    delivery svc but mayb u can place an order for pick-up or if u dont mind u can drop by for take away ..
    And can find us at our Facebook soon..
    Pizza italia.

  8. pizza italia said

    fireflyz: we dont have any delivery services.
    Neither website..but soon can follow us at facebook.

    Pizza italia

  9. mohana said

    may i know the contact no or any other way to make reservation??

    • pizza italia said

      our contact :

      pizza italia
      no.480 jalan haruan 4/4
      oakland commercial centre
      70300 seremban,nsdk
      TEL: +606 601 7414

      See u there.

  10. angel said

    May I know it is halal food?

  11. Jai said

    Hi Grazie,

    Can you email me the menu so that we can do the pre-booking before coming over for lunch next Friday? My email add Thanks.


  12. Eva said

    Hi.. May i know the business hour?

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