Restoran Tonny, Tapah.

I wrote about missing out on this restaurant during my last visit to Tapah but this time we managed to find it. Apparently they have relocated to this shop further down town, near the Tapah police station.

The shop front.

Kung Po Wong Sin (宮保黄鳝) or stir fried spicy swamp eel, which is the signature dish here. Chopped into bite sized pieces, the bouncy texture, paired with the tasty sauces made this divine.

Having had the yummy eel, was looking forward to the freshwater prawns. This was alright but I think that the eel has definitely stole all the limelight. Or maybe we needed a different style of cooking.

The stir-fried fiiddlehead ferns were good too. Crisp and green.

Their other popular dishes comprises of those with fish or frog. Definitely worth a visit when in Tapah.

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  1. J2Kfm said

    jasmine do you have the address?
    near to police station? hmmm .. is it jalan stesyen? or the road with bus station there?
    or the main road leading to Bidor?

    epicuriousgirl says: nope, forgot to state down the address, but it’s past the main road (upon turning right from Tapah toll, on the way to Kampar I think) and it’s right after the Police Station. The row of shops looks very empty, save for the restaurant. hope that helps.

  2. Agnes said

    Hang on, is this the restaurant where the guy who takes the orders for food has the voice of a T-Rex ah? I remember during my younger days when we used to journey to Ipoh, we’d stop at this restaurant in Tapah. This dude who takes the order – migawd, when he lifts his head and shouts to the kitchen from our table, I almost had a heart attack. So loud! And for such a tiny, skinny man 😛 I’ll be he’ll make one helluva opera singer if trained haha.

    • Not too sure about this Agnes coz I didn’t hear anyone shouting out orders when I was there…

  3. Tummythoz said

    Been having that eel dish whenever in Tapah in whichever restaurant we stop by. Yummilicious stuff!

  4. ericyong77 said


    the GPS coordinates

  5. 0124850066 yeoh ah boey 0147465778 ng hee chye 0124271693
    chin wei loon

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