Fleur-De-Lys Bakeshop, Brunei

Hankering for something other than curry, rendang, lemang and the like, we decided to go to this bakery, or bakeshop as they call themselves for a bite.

The shop has some interesting items, including designer hampers for the Raya festivities and one of my favourite, macarons.

We started off with the Mushroom soup in a loaf. It was quite creamy and yummy. And the bread loaf was perfect for tearing off to dip in the soup.

The Baked potatoes with tomatoes and mushrooms looked promising but didn’t deliver taste wise. I personally felt that the mushrooms were overcooked so it was a tad soggy. Plus the tomatoes gave it a weird, sourish taste.

The eggs benedict with poached eggs and chicken ham, topped with the yellow, creamy Hollandaise sauce.

My choice was the eggs florentine, which has the extra spinach. I must admit I didn’t like the chicken roll. Bread was soft and it was quite messy eating this. Haha.

Fleur-De-Lys Bakeshop
C5, Kiarong Complex,
BE 1318, Bandar Seri Begawan,


  1. gina said

    Ah.. nice… how come my sis never go to such places when she was in brunei? Hmmph!

  2. J2Kfm said

    the creamy hollandaise sauce looks so yellow! almost golden in colour.

  3. brunei! lovely place.. when one cannot drink, one must EAT .. more!

  4. Agnes said

    I have fallen irrevocably in love with the picture of the eggs benedict. *sighs wistfully* 🙂

  5. hhmm..the benedict is the only thing tht looks good to me albeit a little too scarily yellow!

  6. musta na po yun mga menu na nilabas ko malakas b. hayaan nyo po magllabas pa ako ng mga bagong alam ko. salamat po.

  7. zoilo defensor said

    may mga branches pba sa pinas ang inyong store?

  8. edgarmanubay said

    heloo! mam Liezel suggestion lang sa eggs benidict, dapat naka toast yung white bread,dapat walang food color ang hollandaise. pwede kayo mag labas ng baked potato florentine with cheese on top…

  9. I think you should use English muffins for this menu! To be more authentic if it is available.

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