Le’ Taj, Brunei.

Was in Brunei briefly for Raya and quite a lot of eateries were open despite it being the festive period. Our first stop was at Le’Taj, an indian restaurant in Kiulap. As it was the last day of Ramadhan, they were still serving buffet dinner but we opted to order ala carte instead.

The menu. Quite extensive.

The interior of the place. Quite empty as it was way past buka puasa time and most of the patrons have eaten and left.

Our Starter Platter – Butterfly prawns with mango chutney, tandoori chicken, onion bhaji and spicy pappadum. The deep fried stuff were the best tasting of all as it was freshly fried. But we suspect that the tandoori chicken cubes were taken from the buffet line as it was cold and hard. Tsk tsk.

My Lamb briyani, served with raita and pickles. We also tried the chicken version but the lamb one was tastier as it carried the flavour of the lamb more.

We also had Sag Aloo, which is essentially spinach cooked with potatoes in Indian herbs and spices.

Fish Vindaloo. Vindaloo is actually more of a spicy “sweet & sour” style curry that has Portuguese origins. Despite the promising colour of the curry, it was actually more sweet than hot for me and the fishy taste was also rather strong so I reckon you’d be better off ordering other types of meat for this Vindaloo dish. But I also have this feeling that they just cook the curry gravy in bulk and pour it on whatever meat you choose and hence, the flavour is not fully absorbed in the meat. But it’s just my guess.

Tried a few types of Naan, including the plain one, garlic one etc. Perfect for dipping up the gravy of the curries.

The food here has some hits & misses but given that Le’ Taj is THE place for indian food in Brunei, I can only say, beggars can’t be choosers. They also have salt lassi, which is quite new for me as I am only familiar with the sweet ones.

Le’ Taj Restaurant
Seri Kiulap Complex
2nd floor, Jalan Kiulap
Tel: 2238 996

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  1. good find! i must eat here when i next go to brunei! did u try the crazy ambuyat? (hair gel like substance)

  2. gina said

    My sis’ friends always took her to one Japanese restaurant when she was there. Quite interesting selection!

    I think nothing beats the indian food back in Malaysia lah.. unless you sample it in India yourself of coz. The best indian food I had so far is Gem Restaurant in Damansara Uptown.

  3. H said

    They also do a good takeaway. We have eaten in the restaurant once (it was average) but find the delivery so good we have it almost once a week! The naan do not travel well though…

  4. irene said

    the food and staff was good but the company was not…

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