Miri Ramadhan Bazaar 2

Another Ramadhan Bazaar that caught my attention while driving around in Miri was the one next to the Indoor Stadium, opposite the Public Swimming Pool.

Thirsty? Freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and other colourful iced drinks are easily found here.

Ikan bakar is everywhere. They use more whole fresh saltwater fish here and less ikan pari (stingray).

Nasi Lemak. Truly the national dish of Malaysia.

Kuih. The rolled up ones at the top most right corner is Kuih Celorot, traditional to the state of Sarawak. The sweet kuih is wrapped in leaves in a way that you can press the base and the filling pops up from the top.

Kolok noodles, another item that can’t be missed in Sarawak. The chinese version uses minced pork, so I would assume that the minced meat here would be minced beef, which should be equally tasty.

We stumbled upon a yummy treat here amongst some of the local Malay dishes. The purplish rice (usual of certain rice species in Bario/Kelabit Highlands) called to us and we were told that it’s fried rice with dabai fruit ( a local equivalent of olives), anchovies and chilli. It was truly yummy and unforgettable. I am already thinking of where to get dabai to make my own!!

Some local Malay dishes – curries, daging, keladi etc.

More dishes. Umai at the bottom left corner.

There were even crabs at RM4 each.

Freshly fried noodles. So tempting.



  1. Wow, everything looks good and so different from the bazaars in Klang Valley. Thxs so much for sharing all this. Fried rice with dabai fruit sounds very yum. Let me know where to get some here!

  2. wmw said

    Ahhh….another post to remind me of what I missed! Luckily going to friend’s place for Raya makan! Yay!

  3. just when you thought you’d see it all! more interesting dishes!

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