Miri Ramadhan Bazaar 1

I happened to be home for a brief getaway and having a craving for umai, decided to hit the Ramadhan bazaars in town search of them. Having “moved” to KL for a good 10 years or so, I think I have gotten quite used to the food sold there so I found myself a bit of a tourist at the bazaars in Miri, trying to decipher the mystery of some of the “unknown dishes”. Haha.

The nearest Ramadhan bazaar to where I live is the one at the Saberkas shoplots, near the roundabout where Sesco (Pujut) and Bulatan Park is.

Grilled stuff are big here… and all sorts of fishes are used considering how seafood is widely available in Miri.

Ikan Terubuk bakar. Lovely fish but it has so much bones that sometimes eating this is a pain, literally.

Wings and other snacks.

Kuih Peneram and Kuih Bongkol, which is a popular kuih with sago flour, coconut milk and palm sugar.


Fried noodles, rice etc. The bergedil (potato patties) were very good.

Some local dishes.

Sarawak Layer cake and even Kuih Batik.

Drinks of all types.

Psychadelic colours! The blue drink is called Lemon Blue.



  1. J2Kfm said

    such vivid colours! almost unreal.
    esp the layer cake and kuih batik.

  2. gina said

    If we drink the blue drink… will our piss turn blue? HAHAHAHAH!

  3. Deb said

    Out of curiosity, what are the Sarawak Layer cake and Kuih Batik made of? I’ve never seen it before!

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