Chulia Street Noteworthy, Penang.

I rarely venture into Chulia Street, but this trip has brought me a few surprises food wise along Chulia Street. I have heard of yummy wonton noodles (wantan mee) there but didn’t know where until I read masak-masak. Made my way there and found the corner lot shop at the intersection of Chulia St. and Carnavon St easily.

As Chulia St is also very popular with backpackers, this place also sees its fair share of foreigners stepping in. One Caucasian woman was quite specific with her order, which only consisted of blanched vegetable leaves and one single wonton with no noodles which did baffle the mother and son team manning the stove a bit. 😛

The noodles in all its glory. Tossed with soy sauce and a bit of lard, it’s “whiter” than the Klang Valley version. Springy and al-dente, served with red char siew, leafy greens, chicken shreds and tight wontons. The wonton production was quite a sight to behold as nimble fingers continued to bind round parcels of minced meat into the wonton skin.

There’s also beef noodles. I opted for the soup version as I wanted to slurp down the hot, robust broth. The beef, complete with tendon (just how I like it) was flavourful and tender. I read that the soup is made freshly everyday and sits on a constant charcoal fire.

Apart from the thin noodles, they also serve the flatter, broader version.

Sai Lam Coffee Shop (西南茶室)
307 Chulia Street
Open Mon-Sat 1pm onwards.

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Driving down Chulia Street at night holds quite a lot of promise as hawker pushcarts are scattered all around. We spotted the most people gathered here, outside a furniture shop with the huge “Dunlopillo” sign above.

The curry mee stall next to the wonton noodle stall. Both are bustling and weighed down with orders. Having had wonton noodles, the elderly couple manning the curry mee stall seemed to be the best bet for my supper. Heh.

Despite being told that there would be a long wait, we got our curry noodles within 20 mins. Served with generous servings of cuttlefish, cockles, tofu pok and fishball. I enjoyed it greatly as the soup had the kicks from the spicy chilli paste and best of all, the cockles were still bloody! Haha.

Chulia Street Curry Mee ,
Lebuh Chulia,

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  1. J said

    Wah. Looks good! – I wish I could have the beef noodles now.
    (Darn. I’m kinda a few hundred km away tho… haha)

  2. takeshi said

    hi jasmine, macam mana u? wow, this is a nice guide should i ever head to penang and overnite. must go try these spots along chulia street. chulia is a very interesting street itself……

  3. a pity the curry noodles stall closed when we went there later at nite..

    but the beef was shiok with the wanton noodle!

  4. yay yay!! I’m heading there in Nov…

  5. ck lam said

    Glad you enjoyed the beef noodles and thanks for the link 🙂

  6. oohhh..i seldom venture to chulia st whenever i’m bck in penang too..but looks like i should sometime!:-)

  7. rokh said

    how can i miss this place on my last gastronomic trail in Penang! time to head back there again, not a bad excuse eh 😛

  8. waisikmiao said

    slurrrpssss… i was jst back frm penang not long ago, but didnt get to try many things as i was following hubby on his business trip.
    Bookmarked… ^^ i wanna try it the next visit to Penang .

  9. gina said

    Ini kena try ni. 😀 When are you going to Penang again?

  10. yum yum yum…… oishi oishi.. i am hungry liao..
    cant wait back pg for food

  11. J2Kfm said

    one thing i dun take a liking to penang’s wantan mee is the red char siew. almost artificial-like.
    but given your stamp of approval, and various others, this may prove worthy of a try.

    pls update my link to

  12. looks excellent.. much better than the RED sing version lol;)

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