Hou Mei Yuen, Penang

Despite having to go for short work stints in Penang, the isle of good food, we’re usually based in Bayan Lepas. At a total loss of where to eat in Bayan Lepas, I decided to trust my good friend, google. 😛 Imagine my surprise when the results for “good eats in bayan lepas” prompted this place for “the best pan mee in penang” in Bukit Jambul,which is literally just down the road from where we work. Armed with only the knowledge that it was situated at the low cost flats near BJ Kompleks, we circled around a bit and found the place relatively easy. *Phew

One thing I really liked about the flats here were the abundance of trees. Parked under the shade, we made our way towards the restaurant only to be greeted by more alfresco seats under the trees. Cool and shady as it may be, one also has to be ready for additional “ingredients” such as falling leaves, twigs etc.

We were seated for a few minutes before realising that no one here takes your order. Instead, there’s a stack of order slips to fill in. There are essentially 2 types of noodles, the flat ones or the thinner, wiry ones. While waiting to be served, I watched as one of the chinese aunties (owner, I presume) shouted and shouted at the 2 Indonesian girls cooking the noodles. Yes, noodles here are prepared none other than by the foreign helpers.

We opted for the thinner noodles, which was topped with sliced wood fungus, minced meat and crunchy ikan bilis. Served with a bowl of clear soup, with 2 fishballs and some pucuk manis leaves. Tasted quite alright and chewy too!

The soup version. I think i prefer the dry one as the dark soy sauce does add more flavour to the otherwise bland noodles.

Apart from noodles, there were also some types of dim sum being sold. We chose a plate of siew mai and honestly, it was somewhat average tasting. I’ll stick to only the noodles next time.

Hou Mei Yuen 好味园
Flats of Taman Bukit Jambul,
Jalan Bukit Gambier,
Bukit Jambul, Penang.
Open Mon-Sats, 9am-3pm.

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  1. mimi said

    The dry noodle look like our normal yellow noodle~~

  2. pure classic . . . I am living through the 80’s

  3. J2Kfm said

    oh this!!! never knew it’s called hou mei yuen!
    been eating there for many, many times during my uni stint.

    one of the best, for sure. esp the dry pan mee. and the cooling shades provided much relaxing atmosphere.

  4. yea, the siew mai looks sickly!

  5. Tummythoz said

    Lucky only plant droppings, not birds’. =p

  6. lingzie said

    this was one of my favourite places to eat pan mee in penang. but of late, there’s a new outlet in town called I Mum Mum Pan Mee (a few of the penang floggers have blogged abt this place) its good! so has taken over hou mei yuen as best pan mee in penang! (in my opinion la! lol)

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