Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain, Ipoh.

Another place we managed to try on our stopovers in Ipoh while driving up north for work was this corner restaurant in Bercham. I wasn’t too sure how to get here save for the instruction to turn right after exiting the toll. So we were quite lucky to find the place after a few wrong turns.

The quirky name, which means “a different taste” drew quite a crowd even though it was weekday night. In fact, the cars parked along the road even caused quite a bit of congestion that needed some of the men in blue to clear. Hehe.

Their most recommended dish was the Crab Tanghoon (东粉蟹) at RM38 for a portion of 2. Very generous with the amount of glass noodles given, the broth it was soaked in was very peppery and sweet. And the bits of pork lard floating around sure added to the taste of the broth. Even the size of the crabs used seems to be larger than usual. I enjoyed the crabs immensely but not so much the overwhelming peppery touches to the soup.

The other claypot crab dish that I eyed many tables ordering was the claypot crab rice. It looked heavenly, a must try on a return visit. It was only upon searching for other reviews to this place that I realised Ah Xian of “Taste of Jason” featured the claypot rice in his programme recently.

I noticed another dish fancied by every table was the steamed “Saito” Fishballs at RM0.90 each as we had 6 at RM5.40. The size was as big as a ping pong ball but quite springy to bite. Simple dish, but good enough to warrant a re-order.

Due to the size of the “group”, we couldn’t afford ordering other dishes, which is a pity. But still, it was worth driving into Bercham to discover the “different taste” in claypot dishes.

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain 味不同海鲜坊
69, Psn Medan Bercham 2,
Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham,
31400 Ipoh,
Open: 5-10pm
Closed Weds

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  1. wow this must be the famous crab tanghooon shop that everyone is raving about! cool to see you enjoying it! Defitely will try this weekend as I will be in Ipoh!

  2. allie said

    I like peppery soup, but not to the extend that it overpowered the crab taste. I just had the worst claypot crab rice last Sat! Hope to read your review on the claypot crab rice in this restaurant!

  3. yes yes… you had actually gone there??? I was planning a makan trip to Perak soon…

  4. soo sean said

    This restaurant is very near to my house.
    We had dinner there quite often, sometimes we do have crab tanghoon.
    We might need to skip this restaurant for few rounds after Ah Xian featured it. :p

  5. J2Kfm said

    it’s DARN crowded right after being featured on ah xian!
    gotta book tables some more.

    though on usual wkend evenings, the crowd were almost the same all this while.
    tempted to go for the cheese prawns, and claypot crab rice.

  6. OMG I can almost taste that crab tang hoon.

  7. jason said

    This place was featured on The Star’s Perak Good Food Guide as well.

  8. Grosir Bantal Guling said

    its look so delicious . nice info actually .

    from : GROSIR BANTAL GULING 0817 537894

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