Bee Gaik Dining Place, Ipoh.

We were passing by Ipoh on our drive up north for work and decided to eat around Jusco. Acting on a recommendation by a friend, we circled around the shops until we spotted Bee Gaik. The facade of the restaurant already states very clearly the type of cuisine they serve – chinese and some nyonya dishes.

The place was rather packed and we found ourselves seated at one of the smaller tables in the corner. It was only later that we found out that this restaurant spans over 2 floors. Flipping through the menu, we spotted a photo of Dato’ Michelle Yeoh with the owner which is somewhat reassuring. Heh. Anyhow, we ended up ordering some signature dishes and others that sounded inviting to us.

I must admit that the Assam Pork (RM10) was nothing I expected. Too used to fiery red gravy whenever the word “Assam” is used, I forgot that it also can mean the tangy, piquant flavours of tamarind juice. I liked this dish, thinly sliced pork belly, fragrantly sauteed with tamarind juices, soy sauce, onions etc .

The Ju Hu Char (RM7), or Stir fried turnip (sengkuang) with cuttlefish shreds was served with fresh lettuce and delightful to eat. However, I found this dish bordering on sweetness, probably due to liberal use of sugar during the cooking process.

We wanted Kapitan Chicken initially but as it was sold out, we took the Nyonya Lemak Chicken (RM9) which was recommended by the waitress. The deep fried chicken pieces were evenly coated in the rich gravy.

We also had their signature Perut ikan (RM7) which is a curry-like dish using herbs, leafy vegetables and most importantly, fermented fish stomach. Despite sounding quite offputting, I believe it’s actually quite a good accompaniment for white rice as it’s a rich combination of savoury, spicy, sweet and sour flavours. The ratio of vegetables and herbs is much more than the fish, so no worries about a strong fishy taste. I’m not entirely sure how authentic this tastes as I haven’t tried much of Perut Ikan but the colour does give one the impression that this is one dish that’s kept and reheated before being served. But I understand making this dish is quite laborious in nature and the taste can be compromised if one of the many ingredients is missing. So probably, when they have everything, they whip up a bigger batch?

Anyway, I like the homecooked food feel that this place exudes. The prices are also quite reasonable and considering the number of dishes they have, won’t mind returning for more.

Bee Gaik Dining Place
10, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Taman Ipoh Selatan
Ipoh, 31400 Perak.
Closed Tuesdays.

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  1. J2Kfm said

    it’s still famous after all these years. if only they expand to two shoplots, instead of asking the elderlies to climb the stairs.

  2. foodbin said

    the food looks ok esp. the assam pork.

  3. gina said

    One day you should come to my house.. my aunt cooks fabulous kapitan chicken!

  4. boo_licious said

    Michelle Yeoh’s face seems to be in every restaurant in town! Her face was also plastered in Gu Yue Tien. Sounds good & I’ve always like home cooked tastes.

  5. Leo said

    hhmmm… where’s my 555 notebook??? need to jot down la

  6. food craze said

    Was told the food is good…so decided to give it a try. But what a disappointment! The service is sooo…..poor, half the food came and have to wait for another 20mins before the balance 2 more dishes finally comes! And what a surprise when the second discovery in the pot of curry fish head is a fishing hook still intact on the piece that landed on my plate! When ask for the boss? Sorry…the boss is outstation…Anyone supervisory? Sorry, nobody available, said the waitress. We will give you a 20% discount, don’t worry the curry is still edible….. claims the waitress. This would be the first and last time I’ll patronise this restaurant! I have doubt about the hygenie of this restaurant!!!

    Good luck to those who dare to try, hope you have better luck than me!!!!!!

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