Taste of Foochow

After hearing about a place that served Foochow food, I have frequented this place a couple of times but held back writing about it until I got my hands on some Fuzhou Bing or Foochow Dumpling that’s only available on weekend mornings.

Foochow Dumpling is in actual fact an oyster pancake in origin, but due to the availability of oysters, the ingredients of the filling has changed over time and these days, minced pork, chives and prawns are used. The watery batter is made of ground rice flour and is spooned into a shallow ladle, followed by the filling and more batter to end up a dorayaki lookalike.

The production can be laborious as the two halves of the batter will only stick together at the right temperature but the end result, a puffed up but soft and chewy golden snack. The chinese chives’ taste is a tad heavy here but does not cover the flavour of the minced meat and chopped prawns at all.

At RM1.20 each.

The red wine mee sua (vermicelli) is much redder than what I am used to at home. Brimming with the taste of the red wine lees, each strand of rice vermicelli is evenly coated in the slightly sweet soup. However, the thickness of the soup can be slightly overwhelming, yet the rice wine’s punch somewhat lacking. I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when I tasted it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good substitute for the times when I am missing my dad’s cooking (for me, his noodles are still the best) perhaps, but still, only a substitute.

Fishballs are also signature Foochow cuisine, esp. those with fillings in them. The fishball noodles had the plain Saito Fish version, as well as the Foochow fishball (with pork filling) and some sliced fish cakes. The plain ones were nothing to shout about though they were quite bouncy but I quite liked the ones with fillings. The filling oozes a bit of soup like the xiao long baos which can be quite addictive. Hehe.

Another specialty here is Yanpi dumplings (燕皮饺子). Yanpi or “Swallow’s Skin” refers to the thin, delicate skin used to make the dumplings. Reputed to be made from pounded lean pork, tapioca flour and glutinous rice, it’s quite ingenious how it ended up being those paper thin slices! Tasty with the generous filling, but apart from the thinner, smoother skin, I can’t really differentiate between the taste of this and normal dumpling skins. Eeps.

Taste of Foochow also sells various types of processed meats i.e. fishballs and dumplings, along with tubs of red wine lees and even packets of dried Yanpi dumpling wrappers in the shop for anyone interested in preparing these dishes at home. Convenient indeed.

Taste of Foochow 福州滋味館
14 Jalan Gajah (off Jalan Yew),
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. J said

    Yikes. The noodles are almost frighteningly red. O_o

  2. Lovin the look of the Dumplings!! Wow, imagine if oysters had stayed in the foochow dumpling… how indulgent a teatime snack!

  3. J2Kfm said

    i not sure if this is the one i saw b4 in books,
    but there’s one at Jln Brunei, Pudi or Imbi also.
    rmbr those delicious looking pancakes.

    still craving, but no idea where.

    and they serve some fishballs stuffed with pork also.

  4. just read about this place in a Mag… Feng Cai if I’m not mistaken!!

  5. mimi said

    they replace the oyster with minced meat & prawns ar? I think i prefer the one with oyster 😛

  6. i so agree w you! the soup darn thick but where’s the wine???
    I was very disappointed, the chic meat was tough and tasteless. Never went back!

  7. gina said

    eh.. so near also never take me! Hmmph!

  8. Kwong said

    The Foo Chow Dumpling looks really good!

  9. […] 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Telephone: 03-9281 8788 or 019-367 6868(William Wong) Post by other blogger: she, the epicuriousgirl Comments […]

  10. Tan Boon Hui said

    Can anyone tell me where to buy Yanpi 燕皮 ? Wanted to get some for my restaurant friend in Dresden.

  11. giselle said

    Can anyone tell me where i can buy yanpi at singapore?

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