Seapark Nasi Lemak

A friend in PJ told me she would be bringing me to one of the best nasi lemak spots in town and I was intrigued when I heard that it was in Seapark since I have yet to hear of it before.

Despite being outdoors, and on the roadside, the crowd turnout was promising. In fact, it stretched quite long, spanning over Maybank even. We sat near the edge of the road, and even then, the helpers of the stall were still adding tables near us for waiting customers.

The nasi lemak is simple, served with one piece of fried chicken and one fried egg. The fried chicken is of course mass produced, i.e. fried in the bulk but it’s well marinated and flavourful. Best of all, it’s crisp and not too oily.

The watery sambal is mildly sweet but a great accompaniment to the egg and chicken. Sunny side ups are not normally my thing as I am a tad wary of runny yolks but in this case, it seems right as I mixed it thoroughly with the still hot, fluffy rice.

Love that they use banana leaf as I am the type that believes the extra piece of leaf enhances the aroma and taste of the food. Hehe. I definitely would want to come back here for nasi lemak again and I heard that their mee goreng kambing (fried noodles with goat meat) is worth a try too.

PJ Ibumie
Jalan 21/11B, (near Maybank)
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Open in the evenings only.

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  1. woaychee said

    wow, I shall go there this weekend

  2. nothing like a good old nasi lemak with tat mata kerbau and fried chicken..

  3. J said

    The mee goreng kambing sounds really interesting…. Hmmmm…
    (Darn it. It oso sounds really carb-y!)

  4. Tummythoz said

    With rice, esp nasi lemak, the runnier the yolk the better for me. But not sweet sambal tho.

  5. there are a lot of hidden gems in Seapark and nearby Paramount Garden… such as deep fried chicken rice nearby the place where u had nasi lemak, and soup stall in Paramount Garden near Giant…
    ask your friends to take you on eating spree in this area!! You will be delighted!

  6. gina said

    Then.. I must try liao!

  7. gina said

    Then.. I must try liao!

  8. nasi lemak, I luvvv ’em!!
    Hv yet to try this one tho..the mee goreng kambing sounds good too..hope its not to wet (w gravy type)

  9. my fren told me about this place too!

  10. Unkaleong said

    The BKT uncle (stall beside the mamak) never fails to crack me up when we dine there. Feel that his indomie is a tad over-priced. The mee goreng kambing has two thumbs up from me 🙂

  11. good good.. but is it the BEST?! hard to say rite… LOL..

    i want some soon:D

  12. mimi said

    The sambal is too watery for me 😦

  13. jason said

    Alamak, I don’t know this place! :p Shall ask my housemate to find the directions thru GPS.

  14. Wendy said

    These guys use recycled oil for frying so be careful as it is not good for health

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