Sulaiman’s Famous Cendol, Pudu.

During a recent walkabout around the Pudu market (半山芭) area, we were brought to this cendol stall in some alleyway off Jalan Pudu. Only after we were seated, we noted that many locals ordered their cendol in cantonese! Yup, the Indian uncle manning the stall speaks Cantonese. Heh.

The Cendol Kacang (RM1.10) is your usual plain cendol with a serving of kidney beans. The beans were soft and flavourful without being too mushy. And the cendol easily glides down one’s throat. The ratio of gula melaka and the coconut milk here is perfect, resulting in a refreshing, fragrant yet not too sweet dessert.

My favourite however, is the Cendol Jagung (RM1.20). Somehow the dollop of cream corn accentuates the flavours.

Great dessert during these hot days indeed. He also has Cendol Pulut, with glutinous rice and a special version .

Sulaiman’s Famous Cendol & Rojak
Mobile Stall next to Restoran R.S.S Maju,
Pudu Market Alleyway (Jalan Pasar?)
Pudu, K.Lumpur.

other review;
知食份子 (in mandarin)



  1. i prefer mine w/o the corn, but the chedol looks fine!

  2. mimi said

    So refreshing in recently hot weather!!!

  3. wmw said

    My fave cendol stall used to be in the open area between good ol’ Fajar (while it was still around) and what is now a reflexology place. Not sure where is the stall now and what happen to the Indian operator who used to speak fluent Cantonese!

  4. jason said

    I can almost taste the cendol as you described.

  5. J2Kfm said

    yum … nothing beats cendol or ABC on a hot day …
    but corn not my stuff. suits ABC more.

  6. boo_licious said

    Plain cendol for me pls. What a find…in Pudu of all places! Who knew. Thxs for the tip.

  7. Ohh… i didnt knw tht Pudu got this! I’m in Pudu normally mornings…guess this must be the afternoon shift?

  8. gina said

    Eh.. so cheap ah? I tot such prices can only be found in Taiping!

  9. may said

    A friend came back from Canada after 20 years and still remember her late father used to bring her to this cendol stall when she was young.
    I want to bring her there on this Friday and would be appreciated if you can let me know the exact location. For example: from which direction should i enter the pasar where i can find the stall easily.

  10. Kudo Shinichi said

    His rojak and cendol very yummy. Didn’t increase the price even though economy downturn.

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